Item:Dwarrowgleam Shard

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Dwarrowgleam Shard-icon.png
  Dwarrowgleam Shard
  • Item Level: 116
  • "A particularly enticing shard of Dwarrowgleam from deep within Ered Mithrin."
  • Worth: 5 Silver 57 Copper 


A rare Ironfold (Tier 12) Crafting component.
Required for making Mote-worthy Craft-icon.png Ember-worthy Craft and most all bartered Ironfold recipes.
See Ironfold Crafting for more information.

Item Information

Occasionally found in Ironfold Skarn Deposits, Well-tended Ironfold Fields, and Heavy Thornholt Branches.
It is also occasionally found on corpses, in backpacks, in chests and other similar items encountered on the landscape.
The shard is also a reward inside a Box 7 (store)-icon.png Crafter's Rare Cache.