Item:An Armourer's Guide

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An Armourer's Guide
  • Unique
  • "A thin Steel Line by Birrungur Blacksteel, Artisan Armourer"

Item Information

This item is given upon choosing the profession Armourer along with your intital set of tools: Inferior Prospector's Tools, Inferior Tailor's Tools and Inferior Smithing Hammer.

A Thin Steel Line

The forces of the Free People are outnumbered, and the might of the Enemy's forces is evident. A skilled warrior must not only defeat his opposite number, he must Survive! To do so requires an Armourer, to create defensive gear that can turn aside a Troll's blade if need be! A skilled Armourer is both a Metalsmith and a Tailor, and can gather his own metals via Prospecting.

An armourer relies heavily on metals - bronze, iron and steel - to practice his craft.


To mine metal, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Mining Pick (Prospector's Tools)
  2. Find a Copper outcropping. You can use your Track Mines skill to help you find them.
  3. Use the node to mine it. and collect the resources.
  4. Take the raw ore back to a Forge and use the Smelting recipes to create workable ingots. While you may have no immediate use for these, they can be easily traded or sold.


As a Metalworker, you can craft shields, heavy armour, and high-quality craft tools. While toos will often require additional materials, most armour can be made from a sufficiently large quanity of metal ingots.

To make Bronze Armour,

  1. Equip your Smithing Hammer.
  2. Find a Forge.
  3. Smith one Bronze Chain Link using your process ingots.
  4. Complete the Bronze Armour recipe.

Any young Guardian would be proud to wear such armour!


As a tailor, you are capable of making the widest variety of armour. Both cloth and leather armour are available to you. Raw cloth can be purchased from a Novice Tailor, while treated hides will need to be processed using your Forester skill.

To craft some leather Padded Armour, you must do the following:

  1. Equip your Tailor's Tools.
  2. Find a Workbench
  3. Create a Leather Pad.
  4. Obtain one Spool of Rough Thread from either a Supplier or Novice Tailor.
  5. Complete the Padded Armour recipe.

As you execute recipes, you will gain experience in your craft. When you are ready to progress to more difficult work, you can seek out further training and quests from craftsmen of note!