Hunter NPC

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Image of Hunter
Role Scenery
Gender Male
Race Man


Hunters are found bragging about the size of their most recent catch ... oooh, the size of the tail of course.

Hunters are found at the following locations:
Ered Luin

  • Thrasi's Lodge - One bragging hunter and one less convinced.
  • Gondamon - A hunter is hanging at the crafters area.


North Downs

Quest Involvement

Hunting Lodge (Archet)


Hunting Lodge (Archet)

"If I have to skin one more bear, I swear I'll have to move to The Shire."
"I've seen more bears and boars in the last few days than I care to remember."
"Day and and day out, all we do here is wait. All I want to do is hunt some Blackwolds."
"Old Captain Brackenbrook had best keep his garrison out of the Lodge. We're free folk here!"
"You ever seen Jon loose that bow of his? Never saw a steadier hand."
"I saw Jon talking with one of them Rangers a few days back...I think he went by Strider."

Old East Path (Archet Dale)

"Stay back!There's spiders in the gorge! Some foul new brood...we never had a chance!"


A Hunter at Rusfold