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Settlements-icon.png Hulwul-nefekh
Region: Moria
Area: The Water-works
Location: [16.8S, 114.1W]

Description and Location

Many quests and NPCs have been moved to this new quest-hub from the Rotting Cellar.


The following services are available:



The Quest which links to here begins at the Quest hub: the Rotting Cellar, with:

NPC: Sylfa

  1. [54] Lying in Wait
NPC: Ansurr
NPC: Gyrgir
NPC: Thrand
  1. [54] Mushroom Picking
  2. [54] Quest: Darkened by Mildew

This Quest chain opens the quest chains:

NPC: Ansurr
  1. [54] Churning Froth
  2. [54] Rusted Works
  3. [54] Fungus and Acid
  4. [54] Foreman of the Great Wheel
NPC: Gyrgir
  1. [54] Toad-slime
  2. [54] Fighting Slime with Slime

Settlements and Landmarks of The Water-works

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