Housing Storage

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Housing Storage

  • Standard, Deluxe and Kinship houses all have storage available. It appears as a chest inside a house.
  • Housing Storage allows you to share items among anyone on the same server who has access to the storage.
  • The Housing Maintenance Panel controls who has access to the house. For a personal house, all characters on the account are considered owners of the house, so they automatically have access to the house and its storage. Permission to access the storage may be given to other individuals or to all members of the owner's kinship.
  • The owner of a personal house can store bound items. Items bound to account can be shared this way by all characters on the same account and server. Nevertheless, items bound to a character can be retrieved by that character only.
  • The first two upgrades are automatically applied now without cost. So, initially, Housing Storage has 30 slots available. Housing Storage upgrades can be purchased for In-game Currency or Mithril Coin-icon.png Mithril Coin:

Personal House chests can be expanded to a maximum of 195 spaces.
As of Update 18.2, Kinship House chests can be expanded to a maximum of 210 spaces.
  • The upgrades for personal houses are specific to account and server. Once purchased, they remain available should the owner buy another house.
  • Housing Storage upgrades are not available in the LOTRO Store.
  • Shared Storage can also be used for sharing and/or transferring items by all characters on the same account and server.

Housing Escrow

  • If your house is foreclosed upon or abandoned, any items in your Housing Storage are placed in Escrow.
  • You can view any Escrow you may have at any Vault-keeper or Escrow Broker.
  • Should you purchase another house, your Housing Storage will automatically be filled with any Escrow items you may have.
If this occurs, you may need to purchase additional Housing Storage to "free" up space so that you can add things to your Housing Storage.