Hatt (Othrikar)

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This page is about the outfitter in Othrikar. For the supplier in Thorin's Hall, see Hatt (Thorin's Hall)
Image of Hatt
Role Outfitter
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region The North Downs
Area Nan Amlug West
Settlement Othrikar
Map Ref [7.2S, 44.9W]


Hatt is the outfitter for Othrikar in The North Downs, selling a variety of Cosmetic Items (Outfits) and accessories to adventurers and travellers. Hatt can be found in the south-east of Othrikar, near Hannar.


Item Cost
Blacksmith's Apron-icon.png Blacksmith's Apron 12 Silver 88 Copper 
Cavalry Hauberk-icon.png Cavalry Hauberk 19 Silver 32 Copper 
Chef's Apron-icon.png Chef's Apron 12 Silver 88 Copper 
Dress 1-icon.png Common Long-sleeved Dress 8 Silver 12 Copper 
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Common Long-sleeved Tunic and Trousers 8 Silver 12 Copper 
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Common Shirt and Trousers 8 Silver 12 Copper 
Craftman's Robe-icon.png Craftsman's Robe 12 Silver 88 Copper 
Day Pack-icon.png Day Pack 6 Silver 12 Copper 
Dwarf-make Chain Hauberk-icon.png Dwarf-make Chain Hauberk * 19 Silver 32 Copper 
Eastern-cut Hauberk-icon.png Eastern-cut Hauberk 19 Silver 32 Copper 
Tunic and Pants 1-icon.png Fisherman's Waistcoat 9 Silver 12 Copper 
Forester's Garments-icon.png Forester's Garments 12 Silver 88 Copper 
Cloak 1 (Cosmetic)-icon.png Plain Cloak 5 Silver 12 Copper 
Hooded Cloak 2 (Cosmetic)-icon.png Plain Hooded Cloak 5 Silver 12 Copper 
Prospector's Garments-icon.png Prospector's Garments 12 Silver 88 Copper 
Scholar's Vestments-icon.png Scholar's Vestments 12 Silver 88 Copper 
Scout's Hauberk-icon.png Scout's Hauberk 19 Silver 32 Copper 
Sturdy Dwarf-make Quiver-icon.png Sturdy Dwarf-make Quiver * 6 Silver 12 Copper 
Warden's Pack-icon.png Warden's Pack 9 Silver 12 Copper 
* This item is unique to this Outfitter.