Gamil Filik

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Gamil Filik
Type: Goblin Camp
Region: The Silvertine Lodes
Area: Moria
Location: [10.4, 111.2W]
Gamil Filik.jpg

Location in The Silvertine Lodes


Once a bustling mine worked by hundreds of industrious dwarves, Gamil Filik has been overrun by goblins and is now one of the largest strongholds of their kind within Moria. If the Goblin's hold on western Moria is to be broken, the enemies in Gamil Filik must eventually be routed, but against such numbers it seems an impossible endeavour.
Just south of the Deep Descent, the road splits to the east and to the west. The west fork leads to the mineshafts and cart tracks that make up the bulk of the Silvertine Lodes. The east fork exits out to a curious combination of spaces known altogether as Gamil Filik.
The familiar shapes of jagged arches zigzag out from rocks that have sunken and settled poorly in the centuries since this place was abandoned. Once-great works of Dwarf masonry—colossal heads spitting out waterfalls, slouching scaffolds of ancient timbers—stand worn and beaten amid huge boulders and heaps of stone. Some of these serve as evidence of this place’s long and sad mistreatment at the hands of Goblins, but this northeastern corner of the Silvertine Lodes has always sat unfinished.
The floors of these caverns have long since cracked and warped, their yawning fissures revealing glowing crystals and a deep channel of glittering water. The Dwarves of old laid down metal grilles fitted precisely to these cracks, creating a solid and stable floor without sacrificing the natural light and beauty of the rock. Centuries later, these floors remain, holding traveler and trespasser alike suspended above a fatal drop.
Even on these metal floors, cowardly and sneaky goblins manage ambushes against intruders in their caves. For every spear-bearing goblin guard, assume a stealthy goblin stalks nearby. They know these caverns now better than any living Dwarf, and more is the pity for that.
From here, all the way south along the eastern edge of the region, vacant mansions and a grandiose arched tower topped with the carved, stone heads of Dwarf-lords dominate the Silvertine Lodes. But so feral and foolish are goblin-kind that they have chosen only the caves and tunnels of the northern end of Gamil Filik as home for their crude huts. They gather in wide caves on the verge of the old Dwarf-manses, afraid even in the absence of the great lords of Khazad-dûm to take the finer of Moria’s homes for their own. [1]


[10.4S, 111.2W]


The following creatures are found wandering in the area:

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