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Image of Fuirgam
Title Malledhrim Commander
Gender Male
Race Elf
Level 61
Morale 20,531
Power 1,953
Region Mirkwood
Area Emyn Lûm
Settlement Ost Galadh
Map Ref [14.5S, 51.3W]


We first meet Fuirgam as the Malledhrim Commander in Echad Sirion during the First Landing in Mirkwood. When the Landing is complete, he moves to Ost Galadh where we can find him later in Mirkwood. His Foreword quests are needed to gain full access to all of Mirkwood.

During the Hilltop Assault instance, his stats are Level: 61, Morale: 20,531, Power: 1,953

Quest Involvement

Echad Sirion

Vol. 2, Book 9:

Ost Galadh