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Image of Fastred
Title Reeve of the Sutcorfts
Gender Male
Race Race of Man
Region East Rohan
Area Sutcrofts
Settlement Snowbourn


Fastred is Thane of Snowbourn and Reeve of the Sutcrofts. He is the son of Théodhild and the late Reeve Dagred. He is married to Elflád, and they have an infant son named Folcred. The mearh Framferth is Fastred's steed.


"At twenty-four years of age, Reeve Fastred is a spirited leader and fierce warrior, despite his youth. Having come to power when his father fell to an Orcish arrow, Fastred believes that fighting the enemies of Rohan is noblest of all pursuits and dying in combat is the most honourable end. Stubborn as he is brave, the young Reeve has refused to follow Éomer's orders to evacuate the defenseless from his lands."

Quest Involvement

Dagred's Grave

Mead Hall of Snowbourn

After Walstow:


Vol IV.

The Riders Four


  • Reeve Fastred, please tell me of yourself.
    'I am Fastred, son of Dagred, Reeve of the Sutcrofts. I became Reeve just nine months ago when those vile Orcs struck my father down outside Snowbourn. I am of a proud bloodline - my mother is the daughter of the sister of Théoden King. My legacy must be bold and it must endure; I seek the glories of battle against our enemies and to protect my people from harm. The Sutcrofts are my homeland, and I am not wont to abandon them as readily as Éomer would have me.'
    Thank you.
  • Why do you not heed Éomer's order?
    'Éomer is a fool. My people are safe under my protection, and I shall not leave until I have exacted my revenge upon the Orcs for the slaying of my father! In time, I may allow the defenceless to travel to safety across the Entwash, but not a one of my warriors will leave until our enemies have been routed from these verdant lands.'
    I see.
  • What of your family?
    'My family will remain in Snowbourn, no matter the circumstance. My son, Folcred, is but one year of age, but we shall remain here until such time as he too can raise a blade to our foes. My wife, Elflád, has accepted this… through no small effort, mind you. These lands are my home, I would sooner fall in battle than hand them over to my greatest foes.'
    I see.


"Fear is weakness, traveller. Neither Éomer nor the King will sway me. I will not abandon my lands until every last Orc lies slain at my feet."