Elmo Whitbread

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Elmo Whitbread
Image of Elmo Whitbread
Title Fishing Taxidermist
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Bree-land
Settlement Bree
Interior Whitethorn's Taxidermy
Map Ref [30.3S, 52.4W]


Elmo Whitbread is a Fishing Taxidermist who is found inside the Whitethorn's Taxidermy in western Bree. He mounts various fishes on plaques as trophies.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Barbarous Barbel Trophy-icon.png Barbarous Barbel Trophy Barbarous Barbel-icon.png Barbarous Barbel
Bright Bitterling Trophy-icon.png Bright Bitterling Trophy Bright Bitterling-icon.png Bright Bitterling
Brawny Bullhead Trophy-icon.png Brawny Bullhead Trophy Brawny Bullhead-icon.png Brawny Bullhead
Courageous Carp Trophy-icon.png Courageous Carp Trophy Courageous Carp-icon.png Courageous Carp
Cunning Catfish Trophy-icon.png Cunning Catfish Trophy Cunning Catfish-icon.png Cunning Catfish
Colourful Charr Trophy-icon.png Colourful Charr Trophy Colourful Charr-icon.png Colourful Charr
Delightful Dace Trophy-icon.png Delightful Dace Trophy Delightful Dace-icon.png Delightful Dace
Fantastic Flounder Trophy-icon.png Fantastic Flounder Trophy Fantastic Flounder-icon.png Fantastic Flounder
Great Golden Mullet Trophy-icon.png Great Golden Mullet Trophy Great Golden Mullet-icon.png Great Golden Mullet
Giant Goldfish Trophy-icon.png Giant Goldfish Trophy Giant Goldfish-icon.png Giant Goldfish
Gleaming Grayling Trophy-icon.png Gleaming Grayling Trophy Gleaming Grayling-icon.png Gleaming Grayling
Huge Houting Trophy-icon.png Huge Houting Trophy Huge Houting-icon.png Huge Houting
Big Mouth Bass Trophy-icon.png Big Mouth Bass Trophy Big Mouth Bass-icon.png Big Mouth Bass
Magnificent Minnow Trophy-icon.png Magnificent Minnow Trophy Magnificent Minnow-icon.png Magnificent Minnow
Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback Trophy-icon.png Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback Trophy Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback-icon.png Nasty Nine-spined Stickleback
Perfect Perch Trophy-icon.png Perfect Perch Trophy Perfect Perch-icon.png Perfect Perch
Perfect Pike Trophy-icon.png Perfect Pike Trophy Perfect Pike-icon.png Perfect Pike
Ruthless Rudd Trophy-icon.png Ruthless Rudd Trophy Ruthless Rudd-icon.png Ruthless Rudd
Superb Smelt Trophy-icon.png Superb Smelt Trophy Superb Smelt-icon.png Superb Smelt
Tricky Three-spined Stickleback Trophy-icon.png Tricky Three-spined Stickleback Trophy Tricky Three-spined Stickleback-icon.png Tricky Three-spined Stickleback
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 2-pound Salmon Trophy 2-pound Salmon-icon.png 2-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 4-pound Salmon Trophy 4-pound Salmon-icon.png 4-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 6-pound Salmon Trophy 6-pound Salmon-icon.png 6-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 10-pound Salmon Trophy 10-pound Salmon-icon.png 10-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 15-pound Salmon Trophy 15-pound Salmon-icon.png 15-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 20-pound Salmon Trophy 20-pound Salmon-icon.png 20-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 30-pound Salmon Trophy 30-pound Salmon-icon.png 30-pound Salmon
Fish Trophy 1-icon.png 40-pound Salmon Trophy 40-pound Salmon-icon.png 40-pound Salmon
50-pound Salmon Trophy-icon.png 50-pound Salmon Trophy 50-pound Salmon-icon.png 50-pound Salmon