Durin's Stone

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This page is about Durin's Stone in T.A. 3019. For Durin's Stone at the time of the Sixth War of Dwarves and Orcs, T.A. 2799, see Durinul'aban
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Durin's Stone
Type: Monument
Region: Lothlórien
Area: Nanduhirion
Location: [12.6S, 77.4W]
Durin's Stone.jpg


Durin's Stone is a historical monument of the dwarves in Nanduhirion, or Azanulbizar as the dwarves call it, in the Lothlórien region. [12.6S, 77.4W]

As it is, though, an orc-camp by the name of Uruk-gashan has risen around it, and the monument is damaged.

For more locational information, see Uruk-gashan.


Durin's Stone marks the location where the legends say Durin the Deathless, the Father of the Longbeards and the founder of Khazâd-dûm first gazed into the waters of Kheled-zâram and saw a crown of stars upon his head. [1]
The monument appears to have six sides, and upon each, there are still visible inscriptions written in Angerthas Moria, the runes of Moria. Some of the runes repeat, so that one can read the same phrase, no matter the direction one goes. [2]
Transcription of the runes, beginning with the side that faces the Mirrormere:
Durin's Stone-1.png
Her in
Durin's Stone-3.png
Dethles Durin
First gâzed
Durin's Stone-5.png
Into dhe
Waters ov
Durin's Stone-7.png
"Here in Azanulbizar Deathless Durin first gazed into the waters of Kheled-zâram."


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