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In LOTRO, one player can initiate a one-on-one duel with another. The dueling feature is completely optional and only proceeds with the concurrence of both parties (see below).


A Spar (sparring match) or Duel or (to use another LOTRO term) a Bout is a simulated PvP fight between two players.
In a duel, the players damage each other until one player reaches near zero morale.
The player defeated is incapacitated for about 5 seconds and the match is over.
Classes, level, trait-lines & playstyles can create very unbalanced fights so spars should be taken in account as another fun feature of the game and not into a win / lose situation.
  • There is no benefit to dueling other than "bragging rights."
  • No loot is received.
  • The victor does not get to loot the defeated.
  • No score is kept.
  • No "leaderboards" exist.
  • No damage to equipment requiring repairs takes place.
  • The damage in a sparring match is not permanent.
However, any buffs, potions or food consumed is gone! This includes purchases made in the LOTRO Store.

To initiate a duel

To inintiate a duel:
  • Select the player you wish to challange
  • type the command /Duel or /Spar in the chat window
A message box will pop-up on the challenged player's screen with the message: "<Player_name> has challenged you to a bout."

The challenged-player must accept the duel-invitation or the offer will automatically lapse (see below).

To refuse a duel

Ignore the invitation (which automatically expires in 15 seconds).
Click "decline" in the challenge box pop-up.
  • If you do not wish to duel with anyone, you can disable invitations in the options panel - uncheck the box: "Options / Social Options / Enable Sparring Requests"

PVMP Spars

In Ettenmoors (Player vs Monster Player Area) there are often organized spar events betwenn Freeps and Creeps.
Often that are a few common sense rules like a player jumps and the other has to jump also and then the duel begins.
Some potions or class skills sometimes are not used for a fair fight, but it all depends...You should give a peek at your server PVMP forum section for more info.

Fight fair & stay humble in winning or loosing (=
Good luck!