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Region: Eregion
Area: Redhorn Pass
Location: [48.6S, 6.5W]


Delotham is a dungeon within the Minas Elendúr instance in Eregion [48.6S, 6.5W]

This dungeon is part of a network of halls and cellars which are part of the Vol. III, Book 2, Chapter 7: Bewildering Ruins quest.

Delotham can only be entered by doors from an earlier part of the Minas Elendúr instance. The entrance to Minas Elendúr is found on the right side of the hills towards the Redhorn Pass at [48.6S, 6.5W]


This location is involved in the following deeds:

-- Find the south-west corner of Delotham
-- Find the illuminated room in Delotham
-- Find the rubble-filled room in Delotham
-- Find the buried room in Delotham
-- Find the four-corridor junction in Delotham
-- Find the illuminated bend in Delotham
-- Find the central chamber in Delotham
-- Find the collapsed corner in Delotham
-- Find the sunken chamber in Delotham
-- Find the northern chamber in Delotham
The lore text for this deed describes the history of the rooms within and the coming of war to the elves of Minas Elendúr.

Quest Involvement


The creatures found within Delotham include:

Map of Delotham

Map of Delotham with treasures -- click for larger image

  • Yellow dot = treasure
  • Red stripe = door that leads to a special room in Minas Elendúr, or door of room that can only be reached from Minas Elendúr
Delotham Stars.jpg