Chronicle of Events

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The Chronicle of Events allows you to replay certain Session Play quests in the Epic Quest line, once per day.

In Session Play, you are a "witness to history" -- a participant through the eyes and ears of another -- a contemporary of the event being related.


A Reflecting Pool is an object that allows player characters to access Quest Instances which they have already completed. This allows them to relive past quest experiences or to assist their fellows in order to help them complete certain quests.
  • Note that it also works for players wishing to join their fellowship in a quest instance that is on a quest chain they either do not have or have not advanced far enough yet, as long as someone in the fellowship has entered the instance encounter.
  • Reflecting Pools were extremely significant before Volumes I, II and III of the Epic Quest line were all made '"soloable." They represented the only mechanism available for players to recruit folks to assist them in a fellowship where the Instance was too difficult for solo play. There was no Inspired Greatness bonus back in the early years of LOTRO.


Chronicle of Events, on the Spire of Meeting, in Rivendell

The Chronicle of Events is a tome found atop the Spire of Meeting in Rivendell. [29.9S, 4.8W]


In this tome are recorded many tales of Middle-earth, from many perspectives and from many lands.

  • Click on the Chronicle of Events to open the list of available Session Plays. They may be repeated once per day.
  • The tome lists Epic Session Play quests which you have previously completed, and each tale allows you to re-run one of these sessions. If you have not completed any of these quests, then the tome will not interact with you.
  • Click on the Chronicle you wish to replay.
  • After accepting the quest, click on the Chronicle again to begin.
  • After completing the instance, click on the Chronicle again to end.


Chronicle of Events on its pedestal
A narrow view