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Instances are sections of the game separated out of the main world for quests or story-telling as public dungeons, private fellowship, solo dungeons, skirmishes or massive raids.
  • Many may be entered via the Instance Finder window.
  • Instances are a separate copy of a building's interior, a dungeon, or some piece of the game's landscape. Instances are created when certain quests are activated or players pass through an instance portal, and allow an individual, Fellowship or Raid to participate in a private adventure. Generally, instances can only be entered by the individual or group that triggered them, and no outside help can be rendered to those within an instance by other adventurers.
  • Instances allow game developers a greater ability to customize the details of an adventure, including things like weather, events and terrain. The use of Instances means that multiple groups can enjoy highly immersible adventures at the same time without interfering with each others' completion of the quests, or triggering conflict over scarce resources or monsters needed to complete them.

Instance Types

The instanced types found in the game can be summarized by this wiki into several categories. An instance could be more then one of these.


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