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All NPCs within Aughaire

Services & Supplies

NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Giric Bard of Aughaire [0.1S, 40.1W]
HillmanM.png Greum Master of Crafting Guilds [0.8N, 39.9W]
ElfF.png Rostellen Sage of Eriador [0.6N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Senga Provisioner [0.4N, 39.4W]
HillmanM.png Tavas Stable-master [0.2S, 39.3W]
HillmanM.png Tearlach Supplier [0.7N, 39.9W]
LossothM.png Cánnakh Roving Threat Quartermaster [0.4N, 39.5W]


NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Kyven Light Armoursmith
Quest Item Barterer
[0.3N, 39.2W]
HillmanM.png Rahan Medium Armoursmith [0.3N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Santach Heavy Armoursmith [0.3N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Deloric Bowyer [0.3N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Chenan Pole Turner [0.3N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Almaric One-handed Weaponsmith [0.3N, 39.5W]
HillmanM.png Brennos Two-handed Weaponsmith [0.3N, 39.5W]
Armour and Weapons are for levels 32 to 45


NPC Function Coords
Crannog.png Crannog Chieftain - Quest [0.1S, 40.2W]
HillmanM.png Raith Task-master - Quest [0.1S, 40.1W]
HumanM.png Nathalan Inn League Member - Festivals [0.2S, 40.1W]
HillmanM.png Camran Quest [0.1N, 39.6W]
Ranger.png Corunir Quest [0.7N, 39.9W]
HumanM.png Declan Quest [0.0N, 39.6W]
HillmanM.png Finnán Quest [0.0N, 39.5W]
HillmanF.png Lakhina Quest [0.0N, 39.6W]
HillmanM.png Moridac Quest [0.1N, 40.1W]
HillmanF.png Osbail Quest [0.0N, 40.2W]
HillmanF.png Rona Quest [0.1N, 39.6W]
HillmanM.png Taraghlan Quest [0.1S, 40.2W]
HillmanM.png Torquil Quest [0.0N, 40.2W]
HillmanM.png Clan Hunters Quest Several
Ranger.png Helegdir Quest [0.1S, 39.9W]
HillmanF.png Clan Herders

Búth Luikh

NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Búth Luikh Wound-counter Quest Item Vendor [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Clan Hunters Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Eilig Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Feradakh Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanM.png Guirmán Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]
HillmanF.png Sorkha Quest [0.2S, 39.8W]

Búth Sánkhas

NPC Function Coords
HillmanF.png Búth Sánkhas Tale-spinner Quest Item Vendor [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanF.png Cuinthorn Quest [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanF.png Fonghala Quest [0.1N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Latharna Quest [0.1N, 39.2W]
HillmanM.png Machar Quest [0.1N, 39.1W]
HillmanM.png Torcall Quest - Hunter [0.0N, 39.2W]
HillmanF.png Clan Herder [0.2N, 39.1W]

Aughaire Skirmish Camp

NPC Function Coords
HumanM.png Bill Tiller Skirmish Captain [0.1S, 39.2W]
HumanF.png Evaleen Skirmish Trainer [0.1S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Párlan Skirmish Exchange [0.1S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Lavrain Classic [0.1S, 39.1W]
ElfF.png Hwiniol Cosmetics [0.1S, 39.2W]
Dwarf.png Gondul Crafting [0.2S, 39.1W]
ElfM.png Danúmnir Curiosities [0.1S, 39.1W]
Dwarf.png Rerir Jewellery and Cloaks [0.2S, 39.1W]
HobbitM.png Waldric Goodsmials Legendary Items [0.2S, 39.1W]
HumanF.png Shona Provisions [0.1S, 39.2W]
HumanM.png Durell Light Armour [0.2S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Béathan Medium Armour [0.2S, 39.1W]
HumanM.png Hamish Heavy Armour [0.1S, 39.1W]
HobbitF.png Gardenia Chubb Weapons [0.1S, 39.1W]


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