Cair Andros

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Cair Andros
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Talath Anor
Location: [50.3S, 15.0W]
Cair Andros.jpg


Cair Andros (Sindarin for Ship of Long Foam) is a landmark located within the area of Talath Anor in Old Anórien. [50.3S, 15.0W]

This old Gondorian castle has long guarded the crossings of the Anduin, but has recently fallen against an army from the Black Gate.


Cair Andros is so named because it is shaped like a ship in the Anduin, with a "prow" at the north end that caused the river to foam on its sharp rocks.[1]
While the Morgul-host marched on Minas Tirith, a force of over 6,000 Orcs and Easterlings assaulted Cair Andros. All who could not fight were evacuated, but the defenders could not hold the island. Lord Gilgír and his family stayed until the end, and he and two of his sons were slain by Korpûrta, the First Blade of the Sûhalar. His wife, Dúneth, and their other son Tolwin escaped but were separated.[2]


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