Cair Andros

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Cair Andros
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Talath Anor
Location: [50.3S, 15.0W]
Cair Andros.jpg


Cair Andros is a landmark located within the area of Talath Anor in Old Anórien. [50.3S, 15.0W]

This old Gondorian castle has long guarded the crossings of the Anduin, but has recently fallen against an army from the Black Gate.


At around the same time as The Battle of the Pelennor Fields, a force of 6,000 Orcs andEasterlings assaulted Cair Andros. Upon sight of the attacking force, more than 1,500 Gondorian Defenders promptly shut the gates, blocking the entrance to Gondor's famed highway. The Orcs and Easterlings began to cross the bridge. Many were shot down by archers on the walls. Some got through, however, and ended up breaking down the gate of Cair Andros with a ram. As soon as the gate was down, the cowardly Lord of Cair Andros fled the city and was never heard from again.