Brutal Charge

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Brutal Charge (Trait)-icon.png
 Brutal Charge
  • Melee Skill
  • Charge with a burst of speed and increased melee damage. Grants immunity to slowing effects.
  • +60% Run Speed
  • +10% Melee Damage
  • Duration: 14s
  • The first target you attack will be knocked down for 5 seconds.
    +100% Crit Chance to your first attack after initiating the Charge.
  • Cost: (Level x 1.5) Power
  • Cooldown: 1m

General Information

Class: Guardian

Trait tree: The Keen Blade

Ranks needed: 25 (set bonus Brutal Charge)


Using this skill causes the effects Charge and Brutal Charge to occur on yourself.


The Charge Duration legacy will increase the duration of the buff by up to 10 seconds.

Tactical Information

This skill replaces Charge: it improves the self buff and has a decreased cooldown. It can be useful to have an unimbued Legendary weapon with the Charge Duration legacy on it as a swappy.