Bree-land Traveller

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Deed Lore

Speak with creatures in Bree-land

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Speak with the cow
You have spoken with the cow.
Speak with the grey squirrel
You have spoken with the grey squirrel.
Speak with Wink the cat
You have spoken with Wink the cat.
Speak with Sniken
You have spoken with Sniken.
Speak with the horse
You have spoken with the horse.


Additional Information

This deed is only available during the chicken session play Instance: Free Range.

Completing this deed is a requirement for obtaining the title Crosser of Roads
Cow: 'Oh, I wish these fool hobbits would just bring me a ramp. At least then I could be off of this roof!'
Grey Squirrel: 'They will perish, I tell you! We cannot allow the red squirrels to continue in this world. They are weak! Are you with me?'
Wink the Cat: 'Would like one of these delectable mice, rooster? You do not eat rodents? Oh my, how uncouth! No wonder the wolves wish to eat you.'
Sniken: 'Get me out of this cage, chicken! I cannot take anymore of this madman's ravings!'
Horse: 'It is true, I have become weary of training these flea-ridden horses of Bree-land and would welcome a fight. But my master has not called me to battle, and so I will not come.'