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The Bog-guardian becomes available to a Lore-master at level 20, and is summoned with Friend of Nature. Other than certain observed level-cap exceptions (such as 140, as of Update 35), the level of the bog-guardian is one level higher than the Lore-master.

It has a high survivability due to its high morale and high level. It also deals high auto-attack damage, even though this is common damage. Moreover, it is the only pet that is ranged. The bog-guardian has the ability to deal a damage over time ranged attack. It also has the ability to apply an increased incoming ranged critical chance debuff on a target. This can be useful in a fellowship with a lot of Hunters, although the bear with its Shatter Arms debuff might in some cases be a better choice (more on this topic here). In either case, this debuff is useful for the bog-guardian itself. It also has a skill that has a chance to pull off Fellowship Maneuvers. The bog-guardian is a good pet for difficult solo situations due to its high damage, survivability and flank rate. It can temporarily take the role of tank and keep the Lore-master's morale and power up with its many flanks.

The bog-guardian has the second highest flank rate, after the Bear.

Bog-guardian Skills

The last three skills on the Bog-guardian's Skill Bar are:

  1. Angry Bees: Unleashes bees that deal damage over time
  2. Root Strike: A powerful root attack that deals damage and increases the ranged critical chance on the target
  3. Bursting Root: Deals damage and has a chance to open a fellowship maneuver


The trait set bonuses  Bolstered Bond and  Tutelage of the Brown Wizard enhance the Lore-master's companion by improving its morale, power, attack speed, damage, critical chance, block, parry and evade chance, stealth and stealth detection, as well as granting it immunity to knockbacks.


Auto-attacks have a chance to activate Flanked! on an enemy target.
Auto-attacks from the rear have a chance to activate Harried! on an enemy target.

Pet Food

A Bog-guardian can drink Bowls of Water to temporarily increase its ranged offence rating, fire and acid defence rating and maximum power. Bowls of Water are crafted by Cooks.

Ranged Item

A Lore-master can equip a brooch in their ranged slot that grants their pet one of the following:

  • Up to 656 critical rating, 1156 morale and 997 power;
  • Up to 630 in-combat morale regeneration, 8000 evade rating, 1156 morale and 997 power.


A Lore-master has the ability to learn skills that change the appearance of his/her pet by consuming talismans. These talismans are crafted by Jewellers or can be purchased at the LOTRO Store.