Barad Morlas

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Barad Morlas
Type: Ruins
Region: Eregion
Area: High Hollin
Location: [48.1S, 13.7W]
Barad Morlas.jpg


Barad Morlas is a landmark within High Hollin in Eregion. [48.1S, 13.7W]

These sprawling ruins were once a magnificent city and stronghold of the Noldor long ago. Despite their current state, they are still quite a sight to hold, especially in regards to the central bridge which has held up decently well. Unfortunately, half-orcs have invaded the ruins in present day, and plunder the area for anything potentially valuable, whether to them or to Saruman. Before the half-orc occupation, elves would pay visit to the ruins and leave statues in remembrance.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:





ElfM.png Anurandir


The following creatures are found within this area:


At the height of Eregion, Barad Morlas was a major city and stronghold of the Noldor, but it fell into shadow when Sauron destroyed Eregion. — Deed Text


The ivy covered bridge spanning northern and southern Barad Morlas Within central Barad Morlas The northern ruins seen from atop the bridge The southern, more scattered ruins A remnant of the beauty that Barad Morlas once held

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