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Allegiance system

  • The Allegiance System was first released with the Mordor Expansion in August of 2017, and later extended with the Fate of Gundabad expansion in November of 2021. This page refers specifically to the allegiances introduced in the Mordor Expansion.
  • Access first becomes available at level 110, rewards are aimed at level 115 players.
  • You can pledge yourself to the Dwarves, or the Hobbits, or the Men or Elves, and then follow each individual storyline. The four storylines are different, but the gear rewards are the same.
  • The system was designed for alts, with the consumable points items (relics) being Bind to Account. An alt of level 110 or higher, can max one or more Allegiances without ever stepping foot in Mordor, if supplied consumable relics from higher-level characters on the same account.

Dwarves: Durin's Folk - Hall Under the Mountain
As the War of the Ring drew to a close, the dwarves of the Lonely Mountain defied the armies of Sauron. Dáín Ironfoot, the King under the Mountain, fell before the gates of Erebor and his son Thorin III succeeded to the throne. Swear your allegiance to Durin’s Folk, and you will aid the new King under the Mountain as he seeks to ensure their place in Middle-earth.

Men - The Kingdom of Gondor - Hall of the King
The War of the Ring has been won, but now Aragorn must secure the young peace against those who would endanger it. Swear your allegiance to Gondor, and you will aid the new king as he seeks to make safe his lands and his people.

Elves: The Court of Lothlórien - Court of Lothlórien
While Gondor faced the armies of Mordor, the western lands of Elves faced trials of their own. Now that the War is ended, many preparations are underway. Swear your allegiance to Galadriel and Celeborn in Lothlórien, and you will aid the causes of the Elves these, in Rivendell, and beyond.

Hobbits: Hobbits of the Company - Bâr Thorenion
The four Hobbits have been through a great deal on their journey to the gates of Mordor, but now are hailed as princes among the men of Gondor. Swear your allegiance to Merry, Pippin, Frodo and Sam, and you will join them in celebration, adventures, and a good number of hearty meals around the environs of Ithilien and Mordor.

Note on Item usage

Text which appears on a consumable points item, before the first allegiance is joined: You must join an Allegiance before you can redeem this item that grants Allegiance Points. Error: {{Accuracy}} must be placed somewhere above {{Confirm}} in the page.
Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Preserved Relic of the Last Alliance - 1,000 Allegiance Points
Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Relic of the Last Alliance - 2,000 Allegiance Points
Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Well-preserved Relic of the Last Alliance - 5,000 Allegiance Points
Pristine Relic of the Last Alliance-icon.png Pristine Relic of the Last Alliance - 10,000 Allegiance Points
  • Note that Reputation Accelerators do not accelerate Allegiance standing.
  • Also note that these relics are bound to account. So they can be shared amongst your characters.
Beware using a high-point value relic (like well-preserved or pristine) when you are almost at level 30 with an allegiance! Any allegiance points you earn above what you need to get to level 30 will be lost. They will not be rolled over to the next allegiance you select!

NOTE: if a character had a Mordor-expansion Allegiance in progress prior to Update 31, it will progress according to an older scale, which varies according to how many other Mordor-expansion Allegiances have been joined:

  • For the 1st Mordor-expansion Allegiance joined, it takes 1,000 Allegiance Points by level for a total of 30,000
  • For the 2nd Mordor-expansion Allegiance joined, it takes 1,405 Allegiance Points by level for a total of 42,150
  • For the 3rd Mordor-expansion Allegiance joined, it takes 1,976 Allegiance Points by level for a total of 59,280
  • For the 4th Mordor-expansion Allegiance joined, it takes 2,345 Allegiance Points by level for a total of 70,350
  • Once all 4 Allegiances (Dwarves, Men, Elves and Hobbits) have reached the maximum level 30 standing the following Deed is then marked as completed. Allegiances of Middle-earth

Declaring your Allegiance

All of the Allegiance contacts can be found just inside the ruins of the Morannon in Cirith Gorgor [38.9S, 2.7W]. Your contact will give you your first quest (Chapter 1).
Note that you cannot reach them unless you have completed Volume IV, Book 9 The Ring of Power
The contact will not appear until you've chosen your allegiance. If you choose your allegiance while standing in Cirith Gorgor right where they appear, you will have to ride away a little ways, and ride back.
  • Dori will appear for the dwarves
  • Elladan and Elrohir will appear for the elves
  • Prince Imrahil will appear for the Race of Men
  • Merry and Pippin will appear for the hobbits
After you speak to the contact for your chosen alliance, look around for a mount to take you to the next objective in Chapter 1.

Allegiance Panel

  • Directions for navigating to the Allegiance Panel are given in the generic page Allegiance System. NOTE: until the Fate of Gundabad expansion, the Allegiance Panel was accessed via the Reputation Panel. This is no longer the case, and keybindings/habits will need to adjust accordingly.
  • At the Allegiance Panel, select the top (Mordor-expansion) tab. You may then choose which of the Allegiances to aid first. Once you have finished the complete story of that Allegiance, you may then select another to complete, but you can only undertake one Allegiance at a time.
Note that the Mordor-expansion tab of the Allegiance Panel is NOT available until you reach level 110.
  • The Allegiance Tab also includes a way to port to each faction's Allegiance Hall. Assuming you've unlocked an Allegiance's travel skill, a house icon will appear in the top right of the panel. Use that to port to the hall.

Allegiance Tracker

  • When you join an allegiance, a tracker will appear on your screen in the form of the logo for your currently active allegiance.
This tracker can be moved around on the screen just as any other UI element - by using the toggle: "CTL-\" or whatever your "Reposition UI" keybinding is (which varies by language and keyboard).
Allegiance Tracker.jpg


After joining a faction, Chapter 1 for that faction is offered by faction representatives at Cirith Gorgor, just inside the Black Gate. Completing Chapter 1 for a faction, along with the deed Tales of Gorgoroth, unlocks an extra daily for that faction inside the resource instances. It's possible to complete Chapter 1 of all four factions without gaining any Allegiance Points.
The remaining chapters are unlocked every 5 levels; at level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. The quests can be picked up at the faction's Allegiance Hall after you have claimed the reward for the required level at the Allegiance Panel. The reward includes a consumable item with the same name as the unlocked quest. Using this item itself is not needed to unlock the quest and using it does nothing but consumes it.

Allegiance Quests

Accessing Daily Allegiance Quests

On reaching level 110, the quest Continue the Conquest will be automatically bestowed to you IF you have completed the deed, Tales of Gorgoroth. This most likely won't happen, since working on the deed almost certainly will end up levelling you higher than 110. So when you complete the deed, you should receive the quest. If you don't, relog your character, and you should receive the quest.
To complete the deed, Tales of Gorgoroth, the following quest-arcs need to have been completed:
Once you complete the quest Continue the Conquest, you will unlock daily and weekly quests that reward Relics of the Last Alliance.
Visit the Allegiance Expedition Organizer in an Allegiance Hall to receive quests that will progress your allegiance level.
  • A daily quest to complete four quests across two different zones (zones chosen randomly each day).
  • A "weekly" quest—actually semi-weekly; it resets twice a week: Monday at 10:00 a.m. server time and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. server time. The quest will be one of these three:
  • A daily "Daily Request" quest that can be used to advance your daily quest (and gives 2000 Allegiance rep!). Each EO gives a different quest!

What’s a Daily, Weekly, or just a repeatable?

The Expedition Organizer (EO) in the Allegiance Hall will hand out the dailies and weeklies that will give you the faction rep. Completing a bundle of simple dailies will give you (2000 points). Completing a weekly gives 10 boxes with 1000 points each (total 10,000 points).
Beside the EO is a notice board. There are two notices labeled with the areas that are for the “quests of the day”. You are instructed to complete 4 quests in either one of the 2 areas listed that day. Once you complete them, port back in and turn them in. They reset twice daily: at 3:00 a.m. server time and again at 10:00 a.m. server time. Completed dailies not turned in will be erased as “failed”.
You can choose to take all the allegiance quests available and only complete 4. “Old” quests, ones that were picked up on a previous day but aren't offered on the current day, will *not* progress the daily.
In addition, each EO will give a "Daily Request" quest. These will always be in one of the two areas for that day. These quests *do* count towards your daily quest count.

Candúr: Resource Instance Dailies

Candúr, located in Udûn Foothold, has a notice board. The quests you get there are completed in the Resource Instances, packed with resource nodes.
These dailies give you an unending supply of Silver Signet of the Thandrim-icon.png Silver Signets of the Thandrim to barter at Quartermaster (Conquest of Gorgoroth Rewards) for Travel Skills, Cosmetics and Relics or with Quartermaster (Conquest of Gorgoroth Crafting) for Recipes.

Update 21.2

There were quite a number of changes and corrections in this update. From the Beta release notes:
  • Now if you have the Court of Lothlorien Allegiance underway, Glorfindel is phased out of Rivendell UNLESS you are in the middle of an older quest that requires him. Then he will be there until that older quest is completed. NOTE: this phasing only applies to landscape; in instances which involve Glorfindel, including the The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins, Chapter 1 mission, he is present in the instance normally, regardless of Allegiance progression.
  • The Tales of Gorgoroth Deed is now visible in your deed log as soon as at least one objectives has been completed.
  • Allegiances - Daily repeatable, weekly repeatable, and Resource Instances in Mordor now give a new type of Allegiance Point item. The value of allegiance points from these sources results in the same point grant, but the new AP items can be used to barter for a new tier of Allegiance Gear.
  • Allegiance point granting items now stack to 100.

24 January Hotfix

  • Daily Expedition quest reset timer change
Originally posted by Cordovan 25 January 2018
Daily Expedition quests now rotate their availability at 3:00 AM Eastern (server) time rather than 10:00 AM Eastern to align with quest reset times. This prevents a situation where players would not always get credit for their daily because the reset times didn't match up.


Travel Skills (5 min Cooldown)

Once you complete the first chapter for an Allegiance, you receive that Allegiance's travel skill:

These skills now have a 5 minute cool-down and are unaffected by the Expedient Traveller and Returning Traveller traits.
You can earn all four travel skills as you progress through the Allegiance System.
You do not have to put these travel skills on your skill bar. They are all available in the Allegiance Panel. On each faction's tab, in the top right there will be a house icon. Clicking on that will port you to that faction's Allegiance Hall (assuming you have received that Allegiance's travel skill).

Quartermasters and Barter Items

  • Token of Service-icon.png  Token of Service - two or more tokens of service are awarded for each Allegiance level, they appear in your Wallet under "Landscape."


  • Allegiance, why, where, how and what for? - Squirle - LOTRO Players

Dev Interview

An interview with Erika "FriendlyHat" Ng and Ben "DrOctothorpe" Schneider
  • What is the Allegiance System?
(Erika): The Allegiance System is a way for players to earn endgame rewards, new cosmetics, and experience four distinct storylines in a post-Sauron Middle-earth. After joining an Allegiance, players earn “Allegiance Points” to advance within their faction. As they level up within the system, they unlock barter currency to buy endgame rewards, special items, and story moments.
(Ben): You will be able to embark on the Allegiance System once you get a little ways into the Mordor Expansion, but it will really pick up after a first tour through Gorgoroth, where it ties into the endgame.
  • How many factions are there?
(Erika): There are 4 Allegiances:
- "The Kingdom of Gondor"
- "Hobbits of the Company"
- "Durin's Folk"
- "The Court of Lothlórien"
  • Can I play all of them?
(Erika): Yes, BUT, the first Allegiance you join will be the quickest to complete (It takes fewer points to level up within the Allegiance). The second one you join will be second quickest, the third will be third quickest, and the last one you choose will take the longest to complete.
  • Where did the ideas come from?
(Ben): We modelled the Allegiance System after the oaths of service Pippin and Merry made to Gondor and Rohan, respectively. We wanted a system that would feel like it was part of your character’s story, a way to tell and remember the adventures that took place during their time in Mordor. We were also very clear about the fact that we didn’t want to create a ‘gimmick’ way outside of the core game loop. The goal here was to provide good, satisfying reasons for adventuring further in Mordor, and worthy rewards to take home with you.
  • Do I get to experience something unique with each?
(Erika): Ben can speak more to this but each Allegiance has its own unique storyline.
(Ben): the storylines are the big difference between each allegiance, but that’s pretty major. There is a unique story about Gondor, the four hobbits, Gimli & Durin’s Folk, and the Elves—that you will only get from playing that faction line.
(Erika): Your choice order of Allegiances will not affect the availability of endgame gear. Your choice really just affects the order in which you experience story and gain certain cosmetic appearances.

Developer Lore

A series exploring themes related to the stories told in the Mordor™ Allegiance System.
Chris Pierson
Ben Schneider
Jeff Libby - Made of Lions