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Defence 1 (buff)-icon.png
  • This creature learns from being controlled. Future attempts of the same type will fail.

Effect Information

This effect is active on many creatures in the Tower of Orthanc:

Using crowd-control on creatures with this effect applies an additional effect on the creature, depending on the form of the crowd-control:

Note that all forms of Saruman are already immune to fears initially, preventing them of running over the tower's edge.

Tactical Information

Creatures with this effect active can only be crowd-controlled with a certain type once. The target will be immune to further attempts of the same type for the duration of the fight. The theoretically longest possible lock down of a creature with adaptation (unreliable crowd-control like from the Burglar's Gambler line excluded) is:

35 (Dazed) + (9 (Stunned) + 5 (Vulnerable)) + 15 (Feared) + 30 (Rooted) = 1m 35s

Note how this lock down is theoretical only, since some skills might be less suitable in some situations (e.g. AoE stuns). Also keep in mind that some creatures might still perform harmful actions while rooted.