Volume 2 Book 7 Official - February 27, 2009

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Release Notes Volume 2 Book 7 Official - February 27, 2009

Welcome to The Lord of the Rings Online: Volume II: Book 7: Leaves of Lórien! Read on for the highlights and full release notes!

Volume II: Book 7 Highlights

Lothlórien Revealed

The epic story line continues in Volume II: Book 7 as players are reunited with the Fellowship in Lothlórien! Lothlórien has been expanded east of Nimrodel and west of the Anduin. Access to Lothlórien is not free or easy, however. The Galadhrim are cautious and reclusive - players must earn the trust of the Elves of Lothlórien before entering the Golden Wood. Only the truest of friends will gain access to Caras Galadhon. Players who fail to heed the warnings of the Galadhrim will be shot down by sentries before they set foot within the protected forest.

  • Over 50 new quests!
  • The epic story continues with 9 chapters and 4 instances!
  • New faction: Elves of Lothlórien

New Player Experience

We’ve taken a long hard look at the way new players experience their early days in Middle-earth. Based on feedback from the community and poring over internal data we decided we could do better. We’ve completely redesigned the Elf and Dwarf new player progression and given Archet and The Shire a good polish as well. Players will find quests flow together more naturally and progression through the regions and levels is more fun!

  • Lots of new quests in the Ered Luin!
  • New travel routes
  • Re-structure of early questlines

Quest Guide (Beta!)

As part of our new player revamp we’ve added a new way to view your quests. Players have long asked for a way to track their active quests in their radar window and world maps. Now you can! Our new quest guide works in combination with your quest tracker to give you direction and assistance on the 5 quests currently active in your tracker. Removing a quest from your tracker removes it from the guide.
PLEASE NOTE: The Quest Guide feature is being released as BETA and will be turned off by default. If you would like to check it out, it can be enabled in your Options panel. We welcome bug reports and feedback on this new feature!

New 12-man Raid!

Daring players will be drawn down into the depths of the Waterworks of Moria to investigate “strange happenings” there. Once you have unlocked the gate, it will take teamwork and strategy with eleven of your friends to defeat the corrupt creature within!

Crafting Instances

As competition for crafting materials heats up, getting what you need isn’t always easy. To help alleviate the problem we looked at ways to allow crafters to get more of what they need more reliably. Enter the crafting instances! Much like the Item XP instances, these are daily repeatable quests that reward crafting materials. There are six instances; two each for prospecting, forestry, and scholar materials.

  • Adventure in 6 new repeatable solo instances
  • Aid the Iron Garrison in reclaiming ages-old caches of resources
  • Challenging monsters that may vary each time you play through
  • Reputation and Legendary Item experience

In addition, there have been many tweaks made to the crafting system. See the Crafting section for more details on these.

Calling all Freeps and Creeps

Many changes to monster play to better balance the Ettenmoors! See the monster play section for more details.

Of Special Note

XP Curve Change

After launching Moria, we’ve re-evaluated the experience in our game, along with all the content we’ve shipped in our previous updates, and come to the conclusion that we want to make playing through our game a bit faster in order to allow new folks (and character alts) to see more of our content.

As a result, the experience curve has been adjusted and the amount of experience needed to level from 1-60 has been reduced. Your level will not be automatically changed but you may see an increase of up to 3 levels upon your next gain of experience when Book 7 goes live. Temporary oddities may be seen on your XP bar upon logging in if your XP is now greater than that required for the next level, e.g. 10,000/9,000. Upon your next gain of XP you will advance to the appropriate level and your XP bar will adjust appropriately.

Keep in mind that although the overall experience to reach level 60 has been reduced, it is possible that some players may find they need more experience in their new adjusted level versus the old experience table. This should not be considered alarming as the amount of XP that a quest grants has likely also been scaled up in these cases to fit the new leveling curve. That means larger quests rewards in almost all cases where the amount of required XP has been raised, thus maintaining a similar leveling experience than before.

If you were already level 50 (Shadows of Angmar players) or level 60 (Mines of Moria players), your XP will be reduced to the cap. If you were not at a level cap but the change will bring you to the cap, your XP will be set to the amount needed for the cap minus one point so that the next XP event will bring you to the cap.

DPS and Mob Difficulty Rebalanced

After looking through feedback, we’ve decided to raise skill impact vs. monsters at high level, by lowering their difficulty and by lowering DPS driven by weapons.

Players will find that we’ve reduced the difficulty of many of the creatures in the game, placing heavy emphasis on creatures in the 50 to 60 range. Creature morale and resist rates were reduced in this bracket to create a smoother onramp to the progression from 50 to 60. This necessitated a reduction in weapon DPS, with the focus on post-50 in order to bring them in line with the new difficulty progression.

In Harm's Way

The Captain skill In Harm’s Way has been adjusted. The amount of damage re-directed to the Captain from the Fellowship has been decreased from 100% to 50%. In Harm’s Way, in combination with other Captain skills, has made it increasingly difficult to design encounters that are challenging as both monster and player DPS increases.

New Self-revive Mechanic

Players may now revive themselves in place, via a button on the user interface window when a character is defeated, instead of retreating. This feature is disabled in instances, during Monster Play and after instant defeat.

  • At levels 1 through 9, characters will have a 30 minute cooldown (shown via a "Revived" effect) that prevents them from reviving again.
  • At level 10, when the character receives the "Journeyman" characteristic, the revive cooldown increases to 1 hour.
  • At level 40, when the character receives the "Heroic" characteristic, the self revive cooldown increases to 2 hours.

Induction Times Reduced

In an effort to reduce some of the tedium inherent to certain quests and interactions with game objects we have reduced the interaction and induction times on many objects throughout the world. Most quest objects had inductions of 3 to 10 seconds. These have been reduced to 1-5 seconds. Ore and wood found throughout the game can now be harvested slightly faster giving the final benefit from the higher tier tools greater than 50% induction reduction.

New Monster Play emotes are available!

  • Uruks and Orcs will now be able to perform the following emotes:
    • /fidget
    • /kneel
    • /liedown
    • /point
    • /roar
    • /cower
    • /sit
  • Wargs will now be able to perform the following emotes:
    • /beg
    • /cheer
    • /hail
    • /liedown
    • /point
    • /scratch
    • /shiver
    • /wave
  • Spiders will now be able to perform the following emotes:
    • /bored
    • /pose
    • /cower
    • /faint

It's the Little Things that Count

White Dye is here! Recipes that allow Supreme Scholars to produce white dye have been added to treasure. Note to prospectors: Be on the lookout for a new mineral used in the production of white dye, your local Historians will appreciate it!

Full Release Notes


  • Moria's "Fungal Infection" debuff will now expire while you're logged off.
  • Perks purchased with Destiny points now persist through player sparring.
  • Improved player blocking timing and combat feedback timing with monsters.
  • Fixed anti-exploit issues in “We Cannot Get Out” session play.
  • You will no longer be kicked out of the two public dungeons in the Hollin Gate area if you are revived inside of them.
  • Player pets have had their morale adjusted to coincide with the reduction in monster difficulty
  • More feedback is given when players fail Challenge mode.
  • Boss monsters in Moria are now immune to slows.
  • Based on player feedback we've rearranged the level spacing between our four gradients of weapons, enabling our highest tier of weapons to gain a larger slice of the DPS pie.
  • This one's for you, Layo! You never know who'll be reading your comments in the OOC channel. I've toned down the debuffs to Block/Parry/Evade for the common Wound effects: Lacerations, Sprains, and Dislocations. The minor, medium, and major versions were all debuffing BPE by the same amount, which I agree is "ridiculous."



  • Monsters with "Giant-kind" as their genus will no longer be 100% resistant to Physical debuffs such as the Burglar's "Diversion" skill.
  • Inanimate creatures (Mushrooms, Totems, Fumaroles) are no longer immune to Song and Cry attacks. Gameplay > Realism. While this isn't quite realistic, it was unfairly punishing Minstrels.


  • Rend and Cleave have now been put on the appropriate Player Armour debuff progressions (vs. Monster).
  • The Blademaster Armor set will now also modify Deathstorm as part of its 6th bonus.
  • Champions will no longer have their skills lock up when Feral Strikes is interrupted.
  • Blood Rage and Continuous Blood Rage should now work to break almost all root effects. The only exceptions are when a monster is actively holding the Champion motionless. These skills also now take effect instantly rather than at the end of their animations.
  • Legendary skill Continuous Blood Rage has been upgraded. The initial Morale cost has been halved and it grants +50% to almost all Resistances.
  • Adamant and Invincible now have considerably shorter animations.
  • The skill icons for Champion skills Great Cleave and Adamant have been updated.
  • Ebbing Ire and Rising Ire will now give an invalid target message when attempting to use the skills on a monster.
  • Eye of the Storm will now also advance when Bladestorm does a Devastating Critical Hit.


  • Take Heart and Brutal Assault are now affected by the +X targeted melee skill range legendary item legacy.
  • Sweeping Cut: The second attack will now be affected by the Legendary Item legacy +X% Sweeping Cut damage.
  • Thrill of Danger will no longer wake up Dazed monsters.
  • Shield Wall will now function properly when its range is extended by Legendary Item legacies.
  • Fixed a bug so that the Guardian's "Blocking Force" trait will behave as the tooltip states.
  • Guardian Shield-spikes: Changed the effect descriptions for all Westernesse, Ancient Dwarf, and Beleriand shield-spikes to indicate that these effects only change the damage types of shield skills.
  • Guardian's threat generation skills have been increased.
  • The Guardian’s threat generation skills have been increased (Bash, Engage, Fray the Edge, Shield-blow, Improved Shield-blow, Shield-swipe, Shield-taunt, Sweeping Cut, Vexing Blow)
  • Increased threat generation with Litany of Defiance.
  • Guardian's Threat will no longer cause a 5 second delay where the Guardian cannot use skills or attack.


  • Improved Swift Bow, third shot has been adjusted to be a bit more in line with a two-second induction skill.
  • Quality of Mercy's multiplier has been reduced.
  • The overall effectiveness of trait set bonuses for "The Bowmaster" has been reduced, but the Threat aspect has gone down, enabling aggressive groups to attempt to deal with the Hunter aggro generated by Strength stance and not automatically make it the wrong choice. (Though groups and tanks are still going to have to be on their A game with high end Hunters who choose to be this... aggressive.)
  • Barbed Arrow trait now has tooltip text that specifies the DoT pulse increase.
  • Strength Quick Shot Slow Legacy now properly updates the tooltip of Quickshot while Strength Stance is active.
  • Improved Strength of Earth Morale Regen tooltip has been corrected so that it shows the proper morale regen increase.
  • Legacy Quick Shot Threat Down tooltip has been updated to reflect that this only works while in Endurance Stance.
  • Bow of the Righteous growth at 50+ has been slowed.
  • Quick Shot has been slightly reduced at 51+ to take into account the larger weapon contributions of post-Moria.
  • The Super Critical Magnitude of Merciful Shot has been reduced to allow for stacking modifiers.
  • Legendary Fleet stance now adds a 10% attack speed buff.


  • Call to Greatness has had its skill cooldown effects modified. Before, skills reset by this skill would simply reset every few seconds. This would cause the skill queue to get a bit confused. Now, skills have their cooldowns reduced while Call to Greatness is active.
  • Minstrels gain improved Resonance.
  • Reduced the cooldown of Damaging Anthems with Warrior Skald.
  • Anthem of Compassion can now be transformed into a tier 3 Ballad.
  • Heralded Resolve now gives 10% healing boon in addition to its healing bonus.
  • Ballads have had their action duration lessened; this means they can be fired more quickly, and thus threaded in between healing more often. This also means pure ballad-use DPS will be raised by removing the ”animation cooldown.”
  • Call to Fate is now accessible at level 56 while Soliloquy of Spirit is now a level 60 skill.
  • Minstrel resist progressions in IA have been increased to be more effective.
  • Ballads now add a small amount of healing magnitude for each tier played. With the now-faster animation cooldown of ballads, players will not only be able to deal damage faster, they'll be able to raise their ability to heal at the same time. This also affects Song of Vigour and Song of Balance (at an enhanced duration), so use this to wring every ounce of healing out of your Minstrel's resolve.
  • Timeless Echoes of Battle had its cooldown reduced to 5 seconds. This allows solo Minstrels to switch it to a new target even faster.
  • Song of Vigour and Song of Evade induction time has been lowered.
  • Warrior Skald Warspeech Ballad bonus has been restored to function in Warspeech, only increasing the speed of Ballad play required a small boost in power consumption.
  • Skill Icon Updates:
    • All the Ballad Skill Icons have been updated for consistency.
    • Piercing Cry, Herald's Strike, and other have also been updated.
    • Cry of-the Valar now reflects fear in the icon design, along with Ballad of Unshakeable Will.
  • All Minstrel 'Triumphant Spirit Cooldown' legacy tiers display the correct cooldown reduction.
  • Noble Cause skill now states that Herald Strike damage is changed to Light for the duration of the skill.
  • Legacy 'Healing & Motivation Skills Morale Healing' now properly increases the heal over time effects of Soliloquy of Spirit.
  • Ballad of Compassion now gains the duration increase from the Strength of Voice trait.
  • The set bonus in Watcher of Resolve was incorrectly referring to Anthem of Sympathy where it should have read Anthem of Compassion.
  • The Mentor Cooldown legacy has been removed from legendary class items.


  • Legendary book "The Master of the Charge" has had its name changed to "The Leader of Men." Its description has also been updated to correctly state that it's for the trait in the Leader of Men trait-line.
  • Shield-brother skills To Arms and Strength of Will have had their effective ranges increased to 50 meters and their tooltips have been updated to reflect this.
  • Power Recovery from the Blade of Elendil/Improved Defensive Strike has been reduced. The Threat generated by Threatening Shout has been increased.
  • Shield of the Dúnedain is no longer classified as a melee skill,' as it is not a melee attack.
  • Noble Mark no longer does any upfront damage, only DoT damage.
  • Captains on the "In Harm's Way" portion of their "Path of Healing Hands" class questline have now acquired the ability to blow the horn they went through all the trouble of acquiring.
  • In Harm’s Way has been adjusted. The amount of damage re-directed to the Captain from the Fellowship has been decreased from 100% to 50%.
  • The effect icon for Strength of Will now matches the skill icon.
  • The Armaments of the Oath-bound will now indicate to Captains that they need to have the "Master of Oaths" legendary trait slotted before they can equip the armaments.
  • Lossoth Heralds and Archers now use the correct attack animations.
  • In Defense of Middle-earth will no longer display a buff icon on the Captain's herald or any other pets. The buff never affected them so the misleading icon display has been removed.
  • Shadow's Lament is no longer forced to do Light damage. It will default to the damage type of your weapon like other melee attacks.
  • Banners have discovered unforeseen reservoirs of buoyancy and now float in water.
  • Corrected 6/6 bonus for Captain's Hall-general's Armour set. The bonus to Valiant Strike now works on both the traited and untraited versions of Valiant Strike.
  • Make Haste now uses a horn call animation.


  • Fixed a couple of typos in the Burglar's Knives Out skill.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the Burglar "Provoke" skill from generating the intended amount of threat for the target's current target. It should be more effective now.
  • Changed the tooltip on the Thrill-seeker's Gloves to read "-50% Search Speed." The previous tooltip indicated that the gloves would actually increase search speed, which was incorrect.
  • Addle will now increase induction times in spars as well as increasing the induction times of all monster player skills.
  • Legacy 'Critical Multiplier' has been updated to say 'Skills Critical Multiplier' as this legacy has no effect on auto-attacks.
  • The Gambler traitline has received a number of updates:
    • Gamble application rates unlocked by traitlines has gone up by 10%.
    • Gamble application rate bonus from IA has decreased.
    • The formula for selecting the tier of a Gamble has been modified to generate higher tier Gambles more frequently.
    • Low tier Gambles have been increased in power, high tier Gambles have been slightly reduced in power.
    • Gambles full effects now apply immediately, no more waiting for Payout. Gambles now last for 15 seconds. All skills that trigger bonus effects on Gambled targets work during this time.
    • Clever Retort now applies the Debuffing Gamble, Mischievous Glee now applies a Disabling Gamble and Startling Twist now applies a Damaging Gamble.
    • Gambler’s Strike (the traited version of Lucky Strike) now upgrades any Gambles on your foe directly to tier 6. If no Gamble is present, a tier 4, 5, or 6 damaging Gamble will be applied.
    • A purchasable letter explaining the Gamble traitline has been added to Burglar trainers.
  • Seize the Initiative now recovers the 3 new crit chain ender skills.
  • Signals are now used in the Ranged slot. A new tier of Signal recipes is available in loot. These new Signals enhance Exploit Opening to apply the Signals effects to your fellowship.
  • Small Snag, Feint Attack and Lucky Strike have had their damage modified and recovery decreased to 5 minutes. The traited versions of these skills all deal additional damage and set recovery to 3 minutes. The IA legacies associated with recovery time have been reduced to compensate.
    • Improved Feint Attack now deals significantly more damage.
    • Gamblers strike now deals more damage.
    • Quite a Snag now roots and debuffs for longer, has a more potent debuff and deals more damage.
  • Cunning Attack applies a more powerful DoT when it crits.
  • Well-placed strike deals additional positional damage.
  • "Spatial Sense" and "Strategic Planning" reduces recovery by 60 more seconds
  • “Confound the Fools” lets Confound effects 2 additional targets.
  • “Cunning Wound” increases Dot damage by a greater amount.


  • Decreased the power cost reduction to -5% for the following Lore-master tomes: Tome of Beasts, Tome of Nature, and Tome of the Dúnedain.
  • Knowledge of the Lore-master, displays more complete information again.
  • Text for the Ancient Master was incorrectly referring to Dead rather than Men with Improvements for Warding Lore.
  • Removed Subtle Wizard from the Lore-master Traits. (Statistically, it was not used by LM anywhere.)
  • Added "Fast Loader" which removes induction from BF. (The answer to the riddle, "Why does the Burglar not have an induction for Riddle but the Lore-master has one for BF?")
  • Improved Storm-Lore is now worth 25% damage.
  • Changed the animation used for Honey-n-Oats usage to be more appropriate for the action.
  • 'Proof Against All Ills' has been reworded to clarify that, once slotted, Leech Craft and Tend the Sick only work on fellowship members.
  • Legendary Titles that increase Light damage now properly increase the damage of Lore-master Light-based attacks.
  • The deed Beast-lore can now be accomplished by using Sign of the Wild: Rage or Sign of the Wild: Improved Rage.
  • Improved Blinding Flash is now counted towards the completion of the 'Explosive Force' deed.
  • Non-combat pets keep up with their masters a little better.
  • As a Lore-master, if you have the trait "Power and Wisdom" slotted, the tooltip for the skill "Power of Knowledge" will now display the correct 'Channel Duration' of 24 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug with "Sign of Power: See All Ends" being unable to overwrite the traited version of "Sign of Power: Command." The fix for this adds a bit more functionality to Lore-masters; they're now able to have both "Sign of Power: Command" and "Sign of Power: See All Ends" on the same target at the same time.
  • Renamed "Sign of Power: Wizardry" and "Sign of Power: Wizard's Fire" to "Sign of Battle: Wizardry" and "Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire." This was done in order to differentiate the functionality of "Signs of Power" versus "Signs of Battle".
  • "Signs of Power" are always able to stack on a single target from the same Lore-master.
  • With "Signs of Battle" a single Lore-master can only place one "Sign of Battle" on a target at a time, but if there is more than one Lore-master they can each place a "Sign of Battle" on the same target.
  • Improved Sticky Gourd now increments the Wild and Ward Trait properly.
  • 'Sign of Power: Wizardry' and 'Sign of Power: Wizard's Fire' descriptions have been updated to remove reference of a shared cooldown.
  • Tier 6 & 8 'Beacon of Hope' threat reduction legacies display the correct tooltip information.
  • The Sabertooth’s core-attacks now deal frost damage, as well as having their supercritical multiplier raised on common attacks.
  • Changes to "Sign of Power: Righteousness":
    • This sign will cure dazed, knockdown, knock-out, silence, and stunned effects. It will provide temporary immunity to: dazed, knockdown, knock-out, and stunned effects. This skill has no effect on cowering, full disables or Fellowship Maneuver combat states
    • This skills' hard cap of 60 seconds has been removed so that IA weapons plus the traits are now are stackable. This change necessitated that it no longer impact cowering from Dread
    • This skill also no longer can be countered by roots and will remain on the target even through a rooted combat state


  • Damage for level 1-20 has been increased.
  • Do Not Fall to Storm / Flame / Winter now have FX and sound hooked up.
  • The Rune-keeper now has a Rift weapon available at Iorelen's Camp.
  • The glow around the Rune-keeper attunement display now dissipates appropriately.
  • '+ Mending Verse Healing' Legacy now benefits the heal over time as well as the initial heal.
  • Tale of Frost and Flame text string was reading as Tale of Frost and Flame's Battle. This has been fixed.
  • All Writs have had induction time reduced to .75. Each Writ has a trait to reduce its recovery time by 2 seconds.
  • Many tooltips have been made more readable.
  • Some damaging IA Legacies have been slightly increased in potency.
  • Attunement bonuses – All skills that were modified by attunement levels have had the modifications reduced or removed. Any such reductions were added to the base functionality of the skills.
    • Example: Scribe's Spark used to deal +4% damage per Attunement step. It now deals only +2% per step, but deals +18% damage at all Attunements.
  • Solitary Thunder – Slight damage increase and slight power increase. Set bonuses have been modified.
    • Ceaseless Argument is now a 0 Attune required skill and bypasses some tactical resistance.
    • Essence of Storm is now a 6 Attune required skill. Its damage, cost, critical bonus and recovery time have all increased.
    • Epic Conclusion now bypasses all tactical resistance. Its base damage has increased, power cost reduced and critical multiplier has been removed.
    • Perfect Imagery – Applies a short duration critical hit chance buff.
    • Stormy-temper – Now increases critical chance instead of damage.
    • Thunderous Words and Harsh Debate – Now applies self buffs instead of targeted debuffs.
    • Winter-storm – Now has a 5% chance to stun foes suffering from Writ of Cold.
  • Wrath of fire – All skills deal more damage, based on induction length. All DoT’s deal additional damage on crit (making +Tactical Crit much more desirable to Fire-traited Rune-keepers). Set bonuses have been modified.
    • Distracting Flame deals more damage and has a shorter induction time. Mystifying Flame deals significantly more damage and reduces the foe's tactical resistance.
  • Benedictions of Peace – Some slight power cost reductions. Set bonuses have been modified.
    • Word of Exaltation – Reduced to 40%, duration extended. Trait increases reduction to 50% and extends duration.
    • Rousing Words – No longer heals via In-Combat-Morale bonus. Duration and recovery time shortened.
    • Rune of Restoration can now be renamed! When traited, those healed by both Rousing words and the Rune of Restoration will receive bonus healing.
    • Fates Entwined – Reduced recovery time, increased usage cost (not upkeep).
  • Other Skill and Trait changes
    • Calming Verse – Trait will now increase healing and damage done while under the effects of Calming Verse.
    • Writ of Cold – Now debuffs 5% attack speed per tier. Deals more damage.
    • Do Not Fall This Day – Duration increased to 60s.
    • Armor of X – Flame and Frost Armours were buffed.
    • Fall to X – All Fall To skills have increased proc chances.
  • Legendary Changes
    • Martial Training no longer increases attack speed. Weapon damage increased. Now adds to Morale, Power and power regen.
    • Fall to Our Wrath now reduces Tactical Resistance and stacks with other Fall to skills.
    • Steady Hands – Induction time reduced to 1.5 seconds
  • New Rune-keeper item recipes have arrived! Metalsmiths can now craft chisels, which Rune-keepers can equip in their ranged item slots to provide increased damage. Rune-keeper trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Metalsmith NPCs, sell most of these recipes. More advanced recipes can be found in treasure!
  • New Rune-keeper consumable item recipes have arrived! Scholars can now craft inlays and enamels, which can be used to temporarily enhance the Rune-keeper's abilities. These recipes can be purchased from Rune-keeper trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Scholar NPCs.


  • New Warden characters will now begin with a small round shield.
  • New Warden item recipes have arrived! Woodworkers can now craft carvings, which Wardens can equip in their class item slots to decrease the power cost of their gambits. Recipes up to and including the Master Woodworking tier can be purchased from Warden trainers, as well as Novice and Expert Woodworker NPCs. More advanced recipes can be found in treasure!
  • Gambits should no longer fail with "You cannot harm yourself." messages when executing gambits quickly after queuing the last required skill to perform the gambit.
  • Items: Two Rift shields have been updated for Wardens: "Warden's War Shield" was not correctly set as a Warden's Shield. "Beleaguer" was not set as unique.
  • Way of the Spear 2 trait set bonus now correctly displays the reduction to Spear Gambit Power Costs.
  • Surety of Death Damage legacy has had its tooltip updated to reflect that this legacy only benefits the Damage Over Time effect applied by the 'Surety of Death' gambit.
  • Boar's Rush Critical Multiplier legacy has had its name changed to Boar's Rush Critical Rating as this legacy increases your critical chances not critical damage.
  • Stance skills (Determination, Conservation, Recklessness, and The Way of the Warden) have been split off into their own category on the Character Journal - Skills tab. The descriptions for these skills have been updated to indicate that only one of them can be active at a time.
  • Warden gambits that have increased threat over time now indicate in their tooltip the relative strength of the effect.
  • Warden's Taunt should now be more responsive after executing a weapon based attack skill.
  • Wardens will now gain their 5th gambit box at level 40. This is to accommodate early completion of the Legendary trait that grants Defiant Challenge.
  • All Gambits will now use the damage type of the Warden's main hand weapon or javelin.
  • Gambits that end with a Spear icon will no longer have the small delay between finishing the last Quick Thrust and being able to execute the Gambit.
  • Gambits that are successful, i.e. they hit or were not resisted, will now always apply any bonus threat effects. Previously the threat effects had a separate chance to be resisted.
  • Warden Gambit Conviction no longer does main hand weapon damage. It will now also heal escorted NPC's as well as all Fellowship members.
  • The 4/6 bonus for the Warden Townsaver armour (Rift) now correctly reduces the power cost of Resolution.
  • The movement speed decrease from the skill Hampering Javelin will no longer stack with other movement speed decreasing effects.
  • Gambit Brink of Victory no longer requires a main hand weapon equipped.
  • Gambit Surety of Death is no longer disabled by Silence.
  • Trait Ward of Justice no longer increases the Block and Evade bonuses for the Conservation Stance. Ward of Justice only affects Gambit defensive bonuses.
  • Wardens can now use Shield Spikes starting at level 20. Shield Spikes affect the following Warden skills/gambits: Shield Bash, Safeguard, and Boar's Rush.
  • Wardens can now use Light and Fire Oils starting at level 30. These Oils affect all Warden Javelin skills except for Ambush.
  • Warden trainers now function as vendors. They sell low tier Oils, Shield Spikes, and Carvings as well as the recipes to make them.
  • Gambits Onslaught and Wall of Steel were doing extra damage on critical and devastating hits with their third attack. They have now been brought in line with all other normal melee attacks.


  • Texts of the Crumbling School can now be completed.
  • Arms of the Watcher now has a progress tracking bar when viewed in the Deed Log.
  • The Vile Maw deeds will now properly trigger and count when players are grouped in a raid.
  • Warg Riders now count towards the Moria Warg-slayer deed.
  • Spiders and Merrevail in the Legendary Item instance quests will now count towards their respective Moria slayer deeds.
  • Trait Bonuses that you have earned are now highlighted in the trait panel.
  • All tentacles in the Vile Maw now count for The Arms of the Watcher (Advanced).
  • The Accomplishment "Seven Swords" is now properly displayed.
  • The racial trait Balance of Man will no longer show as Earning when An Ancient Story of Evil is underway or completed. It is now properly shown on the correct accomplishment Enmity of the Hillmen.
  • All quests that were ticking up the Ered Luin quest deed in the new tutorial have been fixed to no longer advance the deed.
  • Trout Master can now be advanced while in a raid
  • We have had a long discussion about genealogy with the Uruks and explained to them that they are orcs. After some roaring and a few lost heads they relented and Uruks will now count for killing Orc-Kind in the accomplishment "Soldiers of the Enemy"
  • Adjusted objective text for the deed Scholars from Angmar to better imply that only Angmarim within the Ring-forge count towards advancement.
  • The Deed Log book artwork has been updated.

Monster Play

General Monster Play

  • The amount of infamy/renown required for all ranks has been reduced.
  • Bears with the Brutal Slash skill have had the armour debuff portion of the skill reduced.
  • Pets will now properly attack when in guard mode and the master is attacked by a monster player.
  • Mobs surrounding the Isendeep Outpost will no longer blip in and out of existence as they try to path around the structure.
  • Updated the tooltip when carrying artifacts and flags to reflect that no skills requiring induction or channeling actions can be used while carrying the flag.
  • Carrying the flags will now inform players to "Capture the Flag" rather than capture it at Tol Ascarnen - this could get confusing when players or monster players were trying to retake their flags from Tol Ascarnen.
  • Mobs circling the northern outpost, nearest Grothum in the Ettenmoors, no longer witness the disturbing phasing images of monsters near the tree line.
  • Players and monster players attempting to switch control of the towers, Lugazag and Tirith Rhaw, will find that they can no longer accomplish this feat by simply camping the flag room. You must now kill the tower commander to access flag capture.
  • A small group of Coldfells Guards in the Isendeep Mine remained when the monster players took control of the location. This should no longer occur.
  • There was a very small chance that players and monster players could capture artifacts at the same time, leading to a very strange fringe case. This would place the artifact at both locations simultaneously and lead to an interesting scenario where an announcement would declare that both sides captured the artifact together. This has been rectified and should no longer be possible.
  • Orc/Troll and Uruk guards no longer ignore other evil creatures in the Ettenmoors. If they are an enemy, they now attack.
  • When an outpost is controlled by neutral forces, the merrevail patrolling around the keep will now be accompanied by their bat companions.
  • Players and monster players must now ensure that the tower bosses are dead to attempt to capture the tower locales.
  • The stones within Hithlad no longer allow players or monster players to perch there to avoid combat from NPCs
  • Goblins and Hobbits were confused at Tirith Rhaw - they would stay and defend the opposition. This has been addressed at the cost of a few toes and a lot of mushroom pie.
  • When capturing a flag players will no longer see the Capturing Location dialogue.
  • A stuck location behind the outpost in the Coldfells has been addressed.
  • Controlling their artifact will now give monster players a small bonus to all infamy earned in the Ettenmoors. Controlling both their artifact and the Free People's artifact will increase this bonus.
  • Moss-Patch Elder's Hardened Bark buff will only stack 6 times and will now expire once out of combat.
  • The slow portion of Dust in the Eyes will now be properly removed on defeat.


  • Four new corruptions have been added for monster players. These corruptions are available at the following ranks and values:
    • Rank 2 (Trainable): Weapon Mitigation Boost (Rank 1)
      • adds +270 Ancient Dwarf, Beleriand, and Westernesse rating
    • Rank 3 (Barter): Weapon Mitigation Boost (Rank 2)
      • adds +360 Ancient Dwarf, Beleriand, and Westernesse rating
    • Rank 4 (Trainable): Skill Mitigation Boost (Rank 1)
      • adds +270 Fire, Frost, Light, and Lightning rating
    • Rank 5 (Barter): Skill Mitigation Boost (Rank 2)
      • adds +360 Fire, Frost, Light, and Lightning rating
  • All monster player classes have had their base mitigations increased.
  • Increased the levels of the Spider Weaver's hatchlings and the Defiler's plague flies.
  • Monster players will now have access to a set of new Critical Protection Boost corruptions. These corruptions will decrease the chance that an enemy will land a critical or devastating critical hit on the monster player.
    • The basic Critical Protection Boost corruption is available at Rank 2 from the monster player Trainer.
    • The advanced Critical Protection Boost corruption is available at Rank 4 from the Core Corruptions Trader.
  • The values for all non-common mitigation corruptions have been increased.
  • Armour passives from monster players will now have a small bonus to critical protection for both normal and devastating criticals.
  • Creep vendor and barter foods have been scrubbed. There will no longer be any bugs where barter food is less desirable than vendor food or where higher ranked vendor/barter food is less desirable than lower ranked vendor/barter food.
  • The heal and power restore values for the Stinking Poultice, Bubbling Potion, Blood of Man, and Blood of the Fair Folk potion sets have been increased.
  • All monster player characters have had their base (Rank 0) health and power increased.
  • In-combat health and power regeneration rates have been boosted slightly for MP characters.
  • Resistance passives have been increased in value.
  • Devastating criticals from monster player skills will now do the correct amount of damage to the target.
  • The damage caused by Blood of Fire and Born of Shadow has been increased.
  • The debuffs from Banner of Terror and Banner of Horror will now stack together.
  • Solvent of Painful Freedom, Vial of Burzgoth's Strength, Solvent of Release, and Vial of Unbinding will now grant a 5 second immunity to roots after the potion is used.
  • The buffs from Banner of Command and Point-Defense will now stack together.
  • Phial of Mazauk's Resolve and Phial of Conhuith will now grant a 5 second immunity to fear (crowd control version only) after the potion is used.
  • The duration of the protection buff from Akulhun's Brands and Lainedhal's Insignias has been increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Resistance Corruptions have been increased (for both bonus and penalty).
  • Heal, heal over time, and damage over time skills will critical correctly.
  • Monster player characters will now have an additional corruption slot.
  • All vendor and barter food for monster players will now have a 1 minute cooldown, instead of a 5 minute cooldown.
  • Odorous Salts, Vial of Gundzor's Breath, Salt of Hartshorn, and Vial of Aromatic Spirits will now grant a 5 second immunity to stuns and dazes after the potion is used.
  • Mitigation Corruptions will no longer have penalties to mitigations that are not buffed by the corruption.
  • Draught of Troll Bile no longer shares a cooldown timer with the tracking talismans.
  • The following skills will now have their damage over time effect stack with other players using the skill on the same target:
    • Headbreaker
    • Fire Gourd
    • Lacerate
    • Enhanced Black Speech
    • Piercing Attack
    • Maul
  • The Quartermaster NPC will now offer monster players several new potions:
    • Bottled Uruk Effluvium: removes one physical effect on yourself.
    • Bottled Orc Scream: removes one song effect on yourself.
    • Bottled Spider Chitter: removes one cry effect on yourself.
    • Bottled Warg Breath: removes one tactical effect on yourself.

Please note that these potions will only remove effects that show a resistance type in the effect's tooltip. For example, Effect A lists Resistance: Tactical; the Bottled Warg Breath will remove the effect. Effect B does not show a resistance type; none of the potions will remove the effect.

  • The following effects from monster player skills are no longer curable:
    • Blinding Dust
    • Hamstring
    • Jagged Cut (damage over time component)
    • Lacerate (damage over time component)
    • Mutilation (damage over time component)
    • Hamstring
    • Fire Gourd (damage over time component)
    • Plague Gourd (damage over time component)
    • Flaming Arrow (damage over time component),
    • Hindering Shot (slow component)
    • Vital Target (damage over time component)
    • Maul (damage over time component)
    • Crippling Bite
    • Rabid Bite
    • Rend Flesh
    • Snap
    • Savage Fangs
    • Sundering Blow
  • The following skills no longer force auto-attack on or off:
    • Blinding Dust
    • Blood Lust
    • Charge
    • Glory in Victory
    • Hamstring
    • Time-Out
    • Upper Hand
    • Catch Prey
    • Clinging Webs
    • Entangling Webs
    • Feat
    • Necrosis
    • Web the Earth
    • Call the Shadow
    • Flea Bitten
    • Rend Flesh
    • Shadow Howler
  • The following skills now force auto-attack on:
    • Hatchlings
    • Smothering Web
    • No You Don’t
    • Vital Target
  • The following skills now force auto-attack off:
    • Grasping Web
    • Paralytic Venom,
    • Shadow’s Bite
    • Snaring Web
    • Sprint

Spider Weaver

    • Increased the damage of Tainted Kiss.
    • Increased the damage over time of Piercing Attack.
    • Toxin no longer appears as "Rabid Bite" when applied to the target.
    • Hatchlings and Latent Poison will now have different icons for their effects.
    • Lethal Kiss is now a wound resist.
    • The Weaver is now able to purchase a new skill at Rank 3, called Venomous Haze, from the monster player trainer. This skill is a short ranged attack that reduces the skill range of enemies in front of the Weaver by 10 meters for 30 seconds.
    • The burrow animation of Trapdoor Sanctuary has been slightly sped up.

Orc Reaver

    • Blood Lust and Time-out will now have 45 second durations and 1 minute cooldowns.
    • Time-out’s in-combat power regeneration bonus has been increased to +300.
    • Devastating Strike’s damage has been increased.
    • Wrath will now drain 50% of the Reaver’s current health and add 75% of the amount drained to power.
    • Increased the armour debuff of Sundering Blow.
    • Fixed an issue where Enhanced Upper Hand did not increase the duration of the Upper Hand debuff.
    • Glory in Victory has had its heal over time component increased.
    • Devastating Strike's tooltip will no longer indicate that the skill consumes remaining power.

Uruk Blackarrow

    • Enhanced Gash will now correctly stun on critical.
    • The damage over time from the Blackarrow's Flaming Arrow will now stack per Blackarrow.
    • Gash has had its tooltip updated to show that it has a chance to stun on criticals when the Enhanced Skill: Gash trait is equipped.
    • The Blackarrow's Steadfast Barrage will now do more damage per channeled attack.
    • Fixed an issue where criticals on the second or third attack of Screaming Shafts were not doing the correct amount of damage.
    • Increased the block and evade debuff of Keen Eye to 15%.

Warg Stalker

    • Fixed an issue where the icons for Rend Flesh and Rabid Bite were reversed.
    • Sprint can now be used while in Shadow Howler.
  • A target suffering from Crippling Bite now has two effects present, a slow effect and a marker effect. The marker effect will now be checked against Stalker skills that rely on Crippling Bite, instead of the slow.
  • Increased the armour buff from Shadow Howler.
  • Flea Bitten has been changed to Disease resistance type.
  • Disappear will now have a shorter particle effect and animation.
  • Rabid Bite and Scratch and Snip now have a more appropriate attack animation.
  • The Stalker's Frenzy skill now grants 5% to evade, rather than granting a bonus to evade rating. This change will allow the Stalker to exceed the evade cap when this skill is used.

Uruk Warleader

    • Commander’s Stance will now properly reduce threat from healing.
    • The Warleader skill, Purge, now has a 10 minute cooldown.
    • The Warleader's defensive banner skills, Point-defense and Command Post, can now be used while in combat.
    • The damage for Fracture has been increased.
    • Warleaders will now be able to activate Auras (Aura of Command, Aura of Protection) while in either Brawler's Stance or Commander's Stance.
    • The following Warleader skills will now generate more threat when used: Cleave, Fracture, Call the Shadow, and Intimidating Shout.
    • Brawler's Stance and Commander's Stance icons were reversed. This has been corrected.
    • Increased the Will and Might debuffs for Banner of Terror.
    • The traited version of Blackspeech has had its damage over time component changed to Fear resistance type.


    • Blessing of Darkness will now be affected by the Enhanced Slime trait.
    • The trait, Enhanced: Fell Sacrifice will now show correct tooltip information.
    • The Defiler skill, Anointing of the Slick Flesh, now has a 1 minute cooldown. Additionally, this skill will grant a 5% bonus against all types of critical attacks (Melee, Ranged, and Tactical), instead of just melee critical attacks.
    • Enhanced Slime will now properly reduce threat from healing.
    • Fixed an issue where the Defiler's Fast Lob trait was not reducing gourd skill inductions correctly.
    • Curse of Deadly Sorrows has been changed to Disease resistance type.
    • Curse of the Melancholic Heart has been changed to Fear resistance type.


  • Boss monsters in the Delving of Frór will now drop level appropriate loot.
  • The Chest of Glan Vraig, Chest of the Second Marshall, and Chest of the First Marshall have had their loot tables updated.
  • Lainedhal's Insignias can no longer be used in areas outside of the Ettenmoors. These items now require that the player be inside a PvMP area.


  • The craft recipe section of the auction house has been updated to display each tier of a crafting profession. This allows you to see only those recipes of a certain tier. You can still search all recipes by selecting the "Recipes" category and typing in the name of a scroll. The sorting functionality has been carried over into vendors selling recipes as well.
  • Minstrel Song Books now have their own category in the auction house (Class Item->Song books). If you have Song Books already posted they will not appear in the new category until they are re-posted.
  • The top-most Armour category has been removed and its sub-categories (Light, Medium, & Heavy armor) are now their own group.
  • Cloaks should now appear in searches made on the “Armour: Light” category.
  • Shields have been moved to their own category and allow for searching under the main category.
  • Potion category now includes subcategories sorted by Morale, Power, and the various curing potions.
  • The Reputation category has been expanded to include region specific sub-categories. You can now see all of the reputation items for a specific region. If you are only interested in Forochel reputation you can search that sub-category to show just those items.
  • The Food category in the auction house has been updated to have new sub-categories: Drinks, Meals, Snacks.
  • Added a Pet Food subcategory under Class Items. Pots of Honey can be located here instead of under the Food & Drink section. Note: This applied to all new Auction House posts and not current items already posted in the auction house.
  • Shire Sweet-leaf Pipe-weed can now be found under the Pipe-weed subcategory under the Item Class section of the auction house. Only the version of pipe-weed used by Lore-masters will display there.
  • All other forms of Pipe-weed are now listed under their own category in the auction house.
  • Cleaned up and reworded some of the stat filters listed in the auction house. "Evasion Modifiers" filter was renamed to "Avoidance Bonus". Other filters were renamed to minimize confusion or save display space. Some filters were removed from the list because they are not used by any items currently.
  • Rune-keeper's Rune-satchels now have a home in the auction house (listed under Class Items).
  • 'Shield - Medium' Auction Filter has been changed to 'Shield - Warden'.
  • A 'Power' filter has been added to the Auction House Stat Filters. This filter will display items that increase a player's max power.


  • Pressing "delete" on an in-game mail formerly deleted the currently selected mail, which was not necessarily the open mail message a player thought they were deleting when multiple mail messages are open; the mail UI now reliably deletes the correct mail message.

User Interface

  • Corrected several typos in Trait and Item names/descriptions.
  • Added an advancement tracker UI that will allow you to track your Legendary Item experience outside of the Legendary Panel.
  • Added a new alert which is triggered when a player acquires an item that can be used to start a quest. The player can start the quest by using the item from the inventory UI or by clicking on the alert.
  • When effect icons are displaying in separate rows of buffs and debuffs, friendly targets have their debuffs in the top rows, while enemy targets have their buffs in the top rows. This should make it easier for players to spot the most critical effects.
  • Buff and debuff icons now display in order of decreasing duration, from left to right. When a buff or debuff expires naturally, this new sorting order should cause fewer icons to move. Players can now select the "Display Debuffs in Separate Row" option from the UI options, under "Misc". If checked, buff and debuff icons display in separate rows.
  • Your player vitals display, as well as the vitals display for the targeted enemy or friendly, can now have up to 8 effect icons per row. The smaller, pet, fellow, and raid member vitals displays still have a maximum of 6 effect icons per row. As a result of this change, the invisible box area around the vitals display box was expanded to be twice as tall as it previously was. The new size will prevent players from moving the vitals display to the bottom of their screens.
  • Fixed a bug which would not allow objectives, after the fourth, to display on screen for tracked quests.
  • Onscreen text for tracked quests is now grouped closer together.
  • Collectible bags remember tree expand/collapsed state on item add/remove and bag open/close.
  • Added a button to auto-combine relics in the Relic window.
  • Effects from monster and in-world object auras will no longer erroneously show up with the "curable" borders around their icons as they cannot be cured except by leaving the influence of the aura.
  • All apply-over-time skills and effects such as "Red Haze" will now show duration info in their tooltips.
  • Summoning skills such as the Captain's "Call to Arms" will now gray out appropriately when they cannot be used.
  • There is now an adjustable option for overall Ambient light intensity in the graphics option page.
  • Partial mitigation tooltip values from block, parry, and evade found in the character journal now include the values gained through additional modifiers, such as legendary item relics.
  • Keyring tutorial text has been updated for clarity.
  • Only usable legendary items will appear in the list of slottable items when slotting items from the Legendary Items panel.
  • LI Titles will now appear correctly on your weapons.
  • Additional fixes to Quest Guide markers for Epic Volumes I and II.
  • More UIs can be skinned, and several fixes have been made.


  • The name of the kinship is now shown in the dialog to the player being recruited.
  • Cleaned up the readability of common monster skills in the Combat Log.
  • Item chat links for Item Advancement items will now display the item's original name, not the custom name on it. The tooltip for the item link will still contain the player-chosen name however. This will prevent some of the more… “creative” names being linked on the chat channels (we saw you, owner of [Biggus Stickus]!

Raids and Instances

General Raids and Instances

  • We recently swept through our boss instance boss encounters where bosses were meant to be immune to all forms of CC, and discovered a long-standing bug where roots were able to be applied to the bosses. This was never meant to be the case, and roots will no longer work on boss monsters found in instances or "raid-style" content throughout the game.
  • We have made all instance Boss monsters immune to slowing effects.
  • We have added reputation rewards to the 9 Item Advancement instances.


  • The Arena event now resets properly on failure.

The Rift

  • The Rune-keeper now has a Rift weapon available at Iorelen's Camp.


  • The Helegrod quest Storvagun the Traitor now has rewards for Rune-keepers and Wardens.

Cooling Chambers

  • This instance now allows only one player, as originally described by the quest.

Forges of Khazad-Dûm

  • Narku will now pause a bit longer before killing his marked targets.
  • Thrug now does his Firestorm skill properly. Burn!
  • Many fixes have been made to the Forges of Khazad-dûm instance so that players can no longer bypass bosses or fight bosses in spots that made the content trivial.

Fil Gashan

  • General Talug now has something a little extra special for you if you defeat him.
  • Orcs will now lose the "Alert," "Watchful," and "Unaware" tags beneath their floaty names once they have spotted someone.

The Library of Tham Mirdâin

  • Commanders Unudhu and Piztor will now be immune to all forms of crowd control as other bosses in the game.
  • Commanders Unudhu and Piztor will now aggro players staying in the room after he has been reset. No rest for those attempting to purge the wicked.
  • There were three mobile monsters that activated upon entering the Library at Tham Mirdâin that would sometimes become invisible and then attack players. They have been asked to refrain from such behaviour in the future. In defiance, the three stormed out into the wild.

Midnight Raid

  • Midnight Raid boss will no longer switch into drama mode and become unattackable if the party wipes or loses aggro.
  • Multiple players burning tents should no longer cause the quest to lose count. Also, players will find it more difficult to 'blitz' the camp with several torch runners simultaneously.

16th Hall

  • Grodbog Fungal-guards in the 16th Hall no longer give reputation.
  • Grodbog will no longer spawn below the ground.
  • Damage has been reduced on some of the Globsnaga.
  • Feedback has been added for using the wheels.
  • The Lost One's Fungal Mark is no longer interruptible.
  • The Lost One's point blank daze now does damage as well as daze.
  • The Lost One now has standard boss immunity.
  • The beetles in the final boss room will now aggro when the Lost One enters combat.

The Vile Maw

  • A second loot chest has been added to the Vile Maw raid.
  • A warning message has been added when the Watcher begins to enrage.
  • One of the tentacles that was not despawning properly on Watcher death is now despawning. Properly.
  • The Watcher's health has been reduced.
  • Vile Fury has become a level 60 corruption, and its application speed has been adjusted.
  • Fixed Watcher Head skills in stage 3 that were not targeting players properly.
  • Pets can now path into the Vile Maw boss chamber.
  • Fixed a bug where players became trapped in the Vile Maw after the raid lock has been set.
  • All boars have been removed from the Vile Maw.

Dark Delvings

  • Players can no longer fight Doom-speaker at the entrance to the room without engaging his adds.
  • The monsters have learned and they now come prepared!
  • Lights for the Doom-speaker fight will now go on and off more reliably. If players stand near any of the lights, Doom-speaker will turn them off during his next transition so players must be very careful not to stand near too many lights too quickly.
  • Doom-speaker will now take a little longer to heal and heal for a little bit less when he is accompanying a World-eater.

The Grand Stair

  • Nardur's mobs in the Grand Stair could sometimes enter into a state where they would still be attacking players yet unattackable themselves. They have been informed that this is an exploit and they will no longer employ this egregious behavior.
  • Nardur in The Grand Stair will no longer return to his spawn location if you allow the timed event to expire. Dungeon Challenges are meant to be challenging.

The Forgotten Treasury

  • Forgotten Treasury: Players can no longer fight the troll bosses inside Morhun's chamber.
  • More items have been added to the Forgotten Treasury's reward chest.

Flight of Drakes

  • Rimlug was reverting to “drama” mode when leaving combat after a party wipe, making it impossible to attack her on re-entering the instance. She should now remain attackable after flying down into the courtyard, regardless of whether or not she leaves combat.


  • Hwandrin's door is no longer useable while the fight with Hwandrin is taking place
  • Brúmbereth now does much more damage with her poison sting skill.
  • Brúmbereth now drains life properly from her imprisoned foes.
  • Grimreaver will not allow you to run and hide from his attacks any more, you must fight him properly.
  • Hwandrin now heals for slightly more during the fight.
  • Players can no longer fight Hwandrin in the front section of her room without an immense amount of danger.


General Crafting

  • Crafting Guilds: Reduced the cool-down timer from 7 days to 3 days for all 7-day expert and artisan crafting guild recipes.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip descriptions for crafting guilds were displaying the wrong information. The tooltips for the various crafting guilds will now tell you where the guild-halls are located.
  • Updated the stat descriptions on all crafting tools that provide bonuses to critical chance and/or reductions in timed durations to include the specific profession(s) affected by these bonuses.
  • Lowered the prices of all normal Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan, and Master recipe scrolls.
  • Corrected a typo in the crafting guide called, "An Explorer's Guide."
  • Fixed an issue where some Supreme Metalsmith, Tailoring, Weaponsmith, and Woodworking recipes found in loot were awarding only 6 crafting experience points per use. These recipes now award 8 crafting experience points per use.
  • Fixed icon issues for the following items: Ruby Shard, Sapphire Shard, Adamant Shard, Beryl Shard
  • Fixed an assortment of typos in the names of some crafting guild recipes for Woodworkers, Metalsmiths, and Cooks.
  • Updated the required ingredients listed for making a Rowan Bow in the crafting books, "An Armsman's Guide" and "A Woodsman's Guide."
  • Made the following changes to all Legendary weapon and class item recipes:
    • Removed the possibility for a crafted legendary item to be created with only two legacies. All crafted legendary weapons and class items will always have three or four legacies.
    • Added the prefix Crafted to all crafted legendary weapon and class item names and recipes.
  • Increased the output quantity to three items (normal success) and six items (critical success) for the following Prospector and Forester recipes:
    • Prospector: Mithril-infused Khazad-iron Ingot, Mithril-infused Khazad-gold Ingot, and Mithril-infused Khazad-steel Ingot
    • Forester: Mithril-inlaid Treated Mallorn and Mithril-reinforced Extraordinary Leather
  • Made the following changes to the required ingredients of all legendary weapon and class item recipes:
    • Jeweller legendary item recipes: No longer require a Legendary Jeweller's Medium Symbol as an ingredient.
    • Metalsmith legendary item recipes: No longer require a Legendary Metalsmith's Medium Emblem as an ingredient.
    • Scholar legendary item recipes: No longer require a Legendary Scholar's Medium Scroll as an ingredient.
    • Tailor legendary item recipes: No longer require a Legendary Tailor's Medium Pattern as an ingredient.
    • Weaponsmith legendary item recipes: No longer require a Legendary Weaponsmith's Medium Emblem as an ingredient.
    • Woodworker legendary item recipes: No longer require a Legendary Woodworker's Medium Carving as an ingredient.
  • Corrected a bunch of typos in the names and descriptions of items related to the following consignment quests:
    • "Consignment: Supple Hides"
    • "Consignment: Valuable Ore"
    • "Consignment: Researched Arcane Lore"
    • “Consignment: Fine Wood"
  • The quality levels (Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.) of recipe scrolls have been updated to bring more consistency to these items. In general, a recipe scroll's quality level can be determined by the following:
    • Recipes that can be purchased from a vendor are Common (white)
    • Normal recipes found in treasure are Uncommon (yellow)
    • One-shot recipes found in treasure are Rare (purple)
    • Quest- and reputation-related recipes are Uncommon
    • Crafting guild reputation recipes are Common
    • Crafting guild reward recipes are Uncommon
    • Crafting guild legendary (Item Advancement) recipes are Rare
  • Revamped the qualities (Common, Uncommon, Rare, etc.) for many crafting ingredients to improve consistency and organization amongst all ingredients:
    • All required ingredients that are purchased from vendors are now of Common quality (Examples: Bundles of Athelas Leaves, Small Clay Pot, Coal)
    • All gathered resources are now of Uncommon quality (Examples: Copper Ore, Rowan Wood, Medium Hide, Early Third Age Relic, Yellow Onion)
    • All processed resources are now of Uncommon quality (Examples: Copper Ingot, Treated Rowan, Boiled Medium Leather, Polished Sapphire)
    • All optional ingredients – whether they are purchased from vendors, looted from monsters, or crafted by players – are now of Rare quality (Examples: Soil of Rivendell, Master Journeyman Tailor’s Journal)
    • All special ingredients are now of incomparable quality (Examples: Ruby Shard, Beryl Shard, Legendary Shards)

Note: The prices for some items, specifically the common ingredients sold by vendors, have been lowered. In general, the price of these items will have been reduced by approximately 10%.

  • Corrected small typos in the descriptions of Cooking ovens and Spool of Extraordinary Thread.


  • Renamed many seed, poor crop, and fair crop farming items to provide a more consistent naming scheme for these items.
  • Changed all name instances of "Elderberry" to "Elder." The lone exception is "Juicy Elderberry," whose name remains unchanged!
  • Changed display name of "Common Mushroom" to "Mushroom."
  • Changed all fair crops produced by farmers to be of uncommon quality.
  • Changed all poor crops and seeds to be of common quality.
  • The price of "Soil of Lórien" has been slightly increased (was 24 copper, now 32 copper).


  • Renamed the "Advanced Essence" and "Advanced Salve" recipes sold by the Elves of Rivendell. These recipes are now named:
    • Atharbain's Refined Athelas Essences Recipe
    • Atharbain's Refined Celebrant Salves Recipe
    • Atharbain's Pure Athelas Essences Recipe
    • Atharbain's Pure Celebrant Salves Recipe.
  • Fixed grammatical issues with the display names for Rune-carved Tablet, Etching of Moria, Relic of Khazad-dûm, Broken Dwarf-statue, and Tattered Khuzdul Parchment.
  • Renamed some of the Journeyman, Master, and Supreme Scholar Athelas Essence and Celebrant Salve recipes to bring consistency to the names of all tiers of craftable potions. In general, the names for all Scholar-crafted potions should be as follows:
    • Apprentice: Lesser potions
    • Journeyman: Simple potions
    • Expert: Greater potions
    • Artisan: Refined potions
    • Master: Distilled potions
    • Supreme: Infused potions, Pure potions
  • Corrected a typo in the description found on the item, "Etching of Moria."
  • New cure draught recipes have arrived! Scholars can now create all varieties of Milkthistle, Lhinestad, Healing, and Conhuith draughts. Apprentice-level recipes can be purchased from Novice Scholar vendors -- more powerful recipes can be found in treasure.
  • Reduced the cost of Small Glass Phials to 40 copper.
  • Reduced the value of all crafted dyes to 50 copper.


  • Cooks of all skill levels can now show off their soup-making abilities with new soup and stew recipes! These delicious and filling meals will boost resistances to fear, poison, disease, and wounds for a short duration, so eat up and always remember to ask for seconds!
  • Fixed an issue where consuming a Cooked, Trail, or Fortifying food of a lower tier would have no effect (essentially wasting the food) if a Cooked, Trail, or Fortifying food of a higher tier was already in effect. The effect from a lower tier food will now be suppressed by the effect from a higher tier food until the higher tier food's effect expires. At this point, the lower tier food's effect will become active.
  • Raised the legendary item experience bonus for the Cup of White Tea to 5% (previously 3%), the Cup of Green Tea to 10% (previously 6%), and the Cup of Black Tea to 15% (previously 10%).
  • Updated the names of the effects bestowed when eating cooked, trail, or fortifying foods, as well as from fine drinks. The effect names should now more clearly match the type of food they came from (Cooked Food, Trail Food, Fortifying Food, or Fine Drink).
  • Added minimum level requirements to the trail foods made from fish:
    • Fried Dace with Mushrooms / Superior Fried Dace with Mushrooms: Min level 1
    • Catfish Cakes / Superior Catfish Cakes: Min level 10
    • Perch Fillet / Superior Perch Fillet: Min level 20
    • Golden Mullet Chowder / Superior Golden Mullet Chowder: Min level 30
    • Bass with Carrots and Onions / Superio</noedit>