Mines of Moria Patch 2

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Release Notes Mines of Moria Patch 2 (2008-12-12)

Mines of Moria Patch 2 Patch Notes


  • The Minstrel Legacy 'Healing & Motivation Skills Morale Healing' will now properly increase the heal over time effects of Soliloquy of Spirit.
  • War-speech no longer states +0% Ballad Damage.
  • Ballad of Compassion now gains the duration increase from the Strength of Voice trait.


  • Legendary Titles that increase Light damage now properly increase the damage of the Lore-master’s Light based attacks.
  • Improved Blinding Flash now counts towards the completion of the Explosive Force deed.
  • Deed:Beast-lore can now be accomplished by using either Sign of the Wild: Rage or Sign of the Wild: Improved Rage.

and Instances

  • Skûmfil-Hwandrin's egg sac should now be lootable when you kill Hwandrin.
  • Skûmfil-Hwandrin's door is no longer useable while the fight with Hwandrin is taking place.
  • Skûmfil-Brúmbereth now does much more damage with her poison sting skill.
  • Skûmfil-Brúmbereth now drains life properly from her imprisoned foes.
  • Skûmfil-Grimreaver will not allow you to run and hide from his attacks any more, you must fight him properly.
  • The Rift -Thrang should now remain vulnerable for the full 15 seconds.
  • The Rift-"Stone-biter" and other World-eaters will no longer put a Damage-over-Time effect on players which deals 2,900 points of damage every tick. It’s been raised to one MILLION!! mwuahahah. (No,It's lower.)
  • The Rift - The Balrog has regained his will to fight.
  • The boss in the Library of Steel will no longer reset to NPC mode if he loses agro during the encounter.
  • In the three man instance The Library at Tham Mirdain, Llygad the blade would sometimes decide that a player or group of players was beneath his notice. After a heart-to-heart with a certain someone, Llygad now "knows his role" and should now allow players to beat him senseless. Or at least try.
  • Challenge Mode triggers in the Broken Stairs have been adjusted.
  • The wargs in the Broken Stairs instance are being bred to fight in the dark. Unable to see their opponents - they will now sense stealth characters approaching.
  • 'We Cannot Get Out' is no longer literally true; Thili will now become interactive if things go awry, and allow you to advance to the second half of the session.
  • ‘Volume II, Book 1 Chapter 8: Before the Doors of Durin' can no longer be canceled. This prevents you from getting into a stuck state in the Volume II Epic Story.
  • The "Afraid of the Light" debuff in Dark Delvings will no longer decrease player's Induction time. It will now increase it (as was the original intention). The words 'add' and 'subtract' just look so similar sometimes. ;)

Monster Play

  • Efflorescence will no longer overwrite the heal-over-time effect from Fungal Bloom.
  • The armour debuff of Curse of Deadly Sorrows has been increased.
  • Curse of the Coward's Soul can now be used while moving.
  • Reaver auto attacks will now animate correctly.
  • Necrosis and Poison Spray will no longer share a cool down timer.
  • Swipe can no longer be evaded.
  • Born of Shadow's group aura will no longer cancel out if two Spiders using the aura move into and back out of each others aura range
  • The heal values for the Defiler's Fertile Slime, Fungal Spores, and Fungal Bloom skills have been increased.
  • Mayor Wat Mudbottom is once again attackable and killable. This should allow Monster Players to complete the quest "Leader of the Rat-folk". P.S. to all hobbits: Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.



  • Some Supreme Jeweller recipes were requiring more ingredients than intended. These recipes have had their required ingredients decreased or altered. This includes all of the auto-granted jewellery and rune-stone recipes, all of the level 54/56/58 jewellery recipes, the Lore-master amulet recipes, and the Jeweller's Guild Supreme jewellery recipes.
  • Increased the amount of crafting experience rewarded for the following Supreme Jeweller recipes:

o Aquamarine Bracelet Recipe o Aquamarine Earring Recipe o Aquamarine Necklace Recipe o Aquamarine Ring Recipe o Aquamarine Flint Rune-stone Recipe.


  • "Golodir's Mantle" and "Golodir's Cloak" have had their appearances reverted to their original look.
  • Moria armor- Hunter’s helm for elf males was displaying incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  • The Rune-keeper class quest weapon "Stone of the Storm" has had its damage and stats reduced to be level appropriate.
  • Rune-keeper Rift armor now displays correctly.
  • Rune-keeper Rift armor can now be dyed.


  • Added mail boxes to Crafting Hall, Auction Hall and Vault in the 21st Hall.
  • Doors will now have mouse over text in the 21st Hall
  • Mini map will now indicate where Auctioneer, Banker, and Crafting vendors are in the 21st Hall
  • Fixed a bug where Forges of Khazad Dum would not always be discovered for Exploration of Moria Deed
  • Several accomplishment virtue rewards were accidentally reduced in rank, these have been restored. Players who lost ranks to these will see them automatically restored.
  • Instance only items can no longer be looted outside the instance
  • Instance only items can no longer be posted to the Auction House.
  • Some floors and ceilings in Moria were invisible when running with Intel graphics chipsets. This has been corrected.
  • Female Elves in Lorien have had a little work done and are now more….shapely.
  • Horses no longer appear to have dislocated their backsides. The animation is now more natural.
  • Horses have been told to stop idolizing Monica Seles and put a sock in it. They will now make less noise.