Volume 2 Book 7 Patch 1 - 17 April 2009

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Volume 2 Book 7 Patch 1 - APril 17, 2009

The following release notes cover what is included in Volume 2 Book 7 Patch 1


  • Characters who logged into Book 7 with 0 or 1 maximum morale and no skills have been fixed.
  • A server stability Issue has been addressed.

New Player Experience

  • The ending instances for the new player experience in Archet and Ered Luin are now solo-only. This is in line with the intent for these instances and more importantly addresses an issue where players in a fellowship could sometimes be left in a bad state after the instance was completed.


  • We've addressed an issue where the quests in Volume2, Book 7, Chapter 3 and Chapter 8 instances would not advance for some players.