Update 37.0.1 - Wednesday September 6, 2023

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Update 37.0.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 37.0.1, released on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023.

News and Notes

Bug Fixes

  • River Hobbit vital portraits now have better animations and character positioning.
  • Race of Men hair now has its correct specular value in DX9.
  • Alken Chubb, an NPC in the Green Dragon, now has his proper name.
  • The Collections panel for the River Hobbit bundle butterflies now properly links to the Superior River Hobbit Bundle in the LOTRO Store.
  • Pink distant landscapes in the Vales of Anduin and Wells of Anduin now display as expected.
  • Storvagon bracelets and several other pieces of jewelry now reflect their appropriate morale benefit.
  • Thrymm's abilities in combat are now once again functioning in the quest "Remembering Thrymm" in Wildermore.
  • Corrected low Outgoing Healing values in traits and gear.
  • Erroneous enemy mitigations have been corrected.
  • Class items that did not already have their proper ratings now do.
  • In order to compensate for minor losses in player damage due to the conversion of 'bonus damage' from skills into weapon damage, weapon-based damage variance has been reduced from 40% or 45% to 25% for all weapon types. This will increase the damage floor of your skills a moderate amount when they do not critically hit.
  • Burglar
    • The damage for Enrage/Clever Retort's damage over time effect has been corrected.
    • The healing potency of "Mischievous Glee" has been increased.
    • The damage for "Counter Defence/Clever Retort" has been corrected.
    • Statistics that contribute to ratings for Fate and Vitality now properly do.
  • Beorning
    • The Shapeshift critical defence buff now has its proper rating.
    • The healing potency of Recuperate has been increased.
    • "Nature's Salve" no longer mentions Wrath-generation.
  • Guardian
    • NOTE: Guardians will need to respend their point spends into their traits due to the changes below.
    • Adaptability now reads, "Increase Block and Parry Rating Application Chance".
    • Litany of Defiance now properly applies its effect to targets.
    • Protection by the Shield now has its proper text when applied to Fellowship and Raid members.
    • The trait Deeper Wounds no longer affects the "Stabbed" bleed.
    • Guardian's Ward now displays a zero rating benefit for Tactical Defence ratings. This changes if the Guardian traits "Guardian's Ward: Tactics."
    • The Guardian's Ward effect applied by the trait set "Challenge the Darkness" no longer has a string table error.
    • Radiate no longer says the range is 5 meters when it is actually six.
    • Force Opening can now be properly reset.
    • Catch a Breath and Warrior's Heart's healing potency while specialized in Keen Blade is now stronger.
    • Bastion of Light's effect is no longer larger than it should be when getting a block response.
  • Hunter
    • Hunter class item threat modifiers have been fixed.
    • Searing Heat damage from fire oils are now fixed.
  • Rune-keeper
    • The Rune of Restoration's healing values have been updated.
    • Some crafted Rune-keeper chisels now have their correct values, although further work remains to be done.
    • Tactical Mitigation values from Armour of the Elements have been corrected.
  • PvMP
    • Corrected some Monster Player In Combat Power Regen values.
    • Blackarrow's Punctured Target debuff now reduces enemy mitigations by 5% rather than the armour rating it used to, and it can only be applied once per target.
    • Reaver's Glory in Victory has had its non-initial pulse healing reduced.
    • Weaver's Strong Brood Poison Cloud now deals level-appropriate damage.

Known Issues

  • General
    • Any items using the Damage Absorption Effect are currently increasing damage that players take. We advise that you unequip these items until we have the fix for this issue.
  • Guardian
    • It is possible for Litany of Defiance to errant apply to the Guardian. We are still looking for the source of this issue.
  • Localization
    • Text from the Instance: "Humble Beginnings" is displaying in English in the French and German clients. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and the fix is underway.