Update 31.1 - Wednesday December 8, 2021

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Update 31.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 31.1, released on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021.

News and Notes:


  • Zhélruka Allegiance:
    • The Zhélruka Allegiance rewards track now shows which levels unlock Allegiance Chapter quests.
    • The relic trade-up values have been adjusted so that it is easier to barter for Zhélruka Allegiance rewards.


  • Brawler - The trait Rush now costs 1 Trait Point instead of 2.
  • Burglar - Improved the odds of rarer drops being burgled from level 105+ mobs.
  • Captain - Low level version of Motivating Speech will now properly affect raid sized groups.
  • Guardian
    • Break Ranks modified for performance, but its functionally is unchanged except that it now includes a visible effect to indicate its remaining cooldown.
    • Fixed performance issues that could be caused by the "Fray the Edge" skill.
    • Tweaked "To the Rescue" to make its guaranteed crit guaranteed.
  • Rune-keeper - Fixed tooltip for 'Mystifying Flame' trait.
  • Champion - Fury of Blades Damage tracery no longer incorrectly applies to Merciful Strike.


  • Morale regeneration rates for enemies in the 131-140 level range have been reduced by about 25%. Their rates were inflated due to changes made to base player vitality rates in Fate of Gundabad.

Hobbit Gifts

  • Yule-themed Hobbit Gifts have returned!


  • The following housing decorations are now correctly classified as furniture, and can be placed in a furniture or yard housing hook: Purple Fungal Bush, Pink Fungal Bush, Dark Green Fungal Bush, Light Green Fungal Bush, Pink Fungal Grass, Light Green Fungal Grass. If you have already placed these items in a wall hook, you will need to remove them and place them in an appropriate furniture or yard hook.
  • Small and Large Yard Hooks have been consolidated into a single Yard Hook type.


  • Gundabad Rewards: Additional Cosmetic Rewards have been added to the following Gundabad barter vendors: Zhélruka Allegiance, Geode Hunter, and The Honoured and Celebrated Tiers of Reclaimers of the Mountain-hold.
  • Yule Seasonal Instance: Bracelets have been removed from the Storvagun's Riches quest and are now a possible drop from Storvâgûn's Tiny Trinket Box and Storvâgûn's Tinier Trinket Box. These bracelets will scale to the level of the instance space. For a chance at incomparable bracelets, run the tier 2 instance at cap level (140). For players on legendary worlds or still leveling up, incomparable bracelets are also available by running the tier 2 instance at levels 50 – 130. The tier 1 instance chest, and all runs at levels 131-139 will have a chance to drop rare bracelets.
  • Gundabad Crafted shields now crit and achieve their correct item level.
  • Barter costs for gear from The Fall of Khazad-dûm, Amdân Dammul, the Bloody Threshold, Shakalush, the Stair Battle, and the Minas Morgul instances have been transitioned from Embers of Enchantment to Motes of Enchantment.
  • Renaming crafted light armour pieces that were using misleading item names.
  • The Brawler Pugilist gear set now properly requires minimum level 60 to use.
  • The following old LI items can now be deconstructed for Ancient Script: Title Bestowers, Crystals of Remembrance, Scrolls of Delving, Scrolls of Renewal, Scrolls of Empowerment, Legacy Replacement Scrolls
  • Fixed tooltip names for the 'Ignore Pain' tracery.
  • Geodes have been renamed to improve sorting in the Barter Wallet.
  • Incomparable Gloves/Gauntlets/Gages called Mozrúk's Ride now have their correct appearances.


  • PvMP Gear will now be unequipped after leaving the Ettenmoors.
  • Lugazag will now spawn the appropriate keep commanders when flipped.
  • Defiler Plague of Flies now restores power correctly instead of draining it from the defiler.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Instance: Den of Pughlak - multiple fixes to Pughlak boss battle.
  • Instance quests for Den of Pughlak and Assault on Dhúrstrok now award IXP tokens
  • Den of Pughlak and Assault on Dhúrstrok now bestow quests on Tiers 4 and 5.
  • Decreased the damage of skills in Mozrúk's fight for "Assault on Dhúrstrok."
  • Increased the damage of the bombing run hotspots in Mozrúk's fight.
  • The effects of Múta's "Tenacity of the Dwarves" buff have been decreased.
  • Clovengap - Instance: Corruption's Source intro text will no longer be underlined and the intro name will display properly.
  • The quest guide has been updated for Legacy of Durin Chapter 10.2.
  • Additional Gundabad quest instances have been added to the Gundabad Reflecting Pool in Steepset.
  • Quests: Agátur has a new Gundabad endgame quest 'Reflections on Gundabad (Daily)'.
  • Clovengap, Gundabad - The quest 'Corrupting the Deserters' will now grant the proper reputation and rewards.
  • "A Festive Flurry" quests now requires 4 completions of the daily quest "In the Spirit of Yule", down from 5.
  • Quests: Searching For Treasures - It is now slightly easier to obtain Dwarf-made Treasures when searching chests and corpses in Gundabad.
  • Quests: Gundabad Missions: Mission chests now have a chance of dropping a Relic of Gundabad barter token.
  • Many z-fighting issues in Mattugard and Deepscrave have been resolved.
  • "Soft Physics" spots in Mattugard and Deepscrave have been resolved.
  • Physics and Deco issues in Gazat-fark have been resolved.
  • Opening the map panel while in Stoneheight will now show the Northdowns map
  • Gundabad - Clovengap - Quest "The Broken Benches of Danakh-Khej" - The discovery zone for the park has been expanded.
  • Mission: Servants of Throkhar - Uknad, She Who Feeds now resets if she falls into the pit.
  • Slow travel from Steepset to Fellgat no behaves as expected.
  • Slow travel between Maergrind and Drenghol now functions as intended.
  • Slow travel to Fellgát (Northern Welkin-lofts) and Ibdêkh-buzru (Central Welkin-lofts) from Grúmachath (Central Câr Bronach) now functions as intended.
  • All travel routes from the War-room Stable-master now display Swift Travel.
  • Stuckspots in High Sundergrot have been fixed.
  • Floating debris in Writhenset has been grounded.
  • Fishing: Fishing is now available in the waters of Gundabad.
  • A stray dwarf deep beneath Gundabad has been removed.
  • Quests: Thyfli in Clovengap will no longer unintentionally fall through the floor.
  • Deeds: The Deeds of Gundabad deed will properly update now if you've completed the Deeds of Stonejaws deed.
  • The door to the library in "Assault on Dhúrstrok" is now closed until you find Náin.
  • Reclaiming the Mountain-hold (Weekly) now awards Embers of Enchantment.
  • Challenges of Gundabad (Weekly) now awards Embers of Enchantment.
  • Brawlers should now properly be able to advance 'Instance: A Need for Words'
  • Gundabad, Clovengap - Quest "Clovengap Mist-walkers" - Nosni will no longer vanish on players who are working on "Matters of Hunt and Heart".
  • Removed all IA vendors from skirmish camps, as they no longer serve a useful function there.
  • Sage of Moria now offers a single chest that combines most of the non-IA rewards the three boxes previously did - there was already a lot of reward crossover between these boxes, so it made more sense to combine them after the relics were removed.
  • The Quest Guide has been updated to correctly point to Zul-mazal for "Epilogue: Endings and Beginnings".
  • Boar mounts can now be used in The Hall Under the Mountain.
  • The Clovengap quest "Tharrkirîn's Baubles" won't bestow until Gerja has moved to Bazanmanar. Players waiting to turn in can complete quest "The Sky Has Fallen" and she will move to the proper location.


  • High-Elf horse-riding animation now matches the other avatars.