Update 31.1.1 - Wednesday December 15, 2021

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Update 31.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 31.1.1, released on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021.

News and Notes:

Adkhât-zahhar, the Houses of Rest

Deep in the Pit of Stonejaws, a grand tomb holds the remains of the many ancient dwarf-lords of Gundabad. The necromancer Loknashra, now empowered with the spirit of Drugoth, has returned to raise an army and claim her vengeance upon all those who wronged her. This is a new 6-person Instance in Fate of Gundabad, now available from Tiers 1 through 3! In addition, a new quest accompanying the opening of Adkhât-zahhar, the Houses of Rest, is available to players who have completed the storylines of the Pit of Stonejaws and the Welkin-lofts! Seek out Scout-master Ausma at Bárgstad in the Pit of Stonejaws or within the Hall of Vérnozal in Máttugard.

(NOTE: Players are not required to complete any of the Gundabad storylines to play this Instance. After discovering the entrance to Adkhât-zahhar, the Houses of Rest, players who have purchased Fate of Gundabad will have access to the Instance.)

Anor Updated!

Anor now has its level cap increase to 120 and access open to the Grey Mountains, Vales of Anduin, and Shades in the Swamp! The Legendary Item maximum item level has increased to 365. The Legendary Item maximum item level will increase to 399 on 1/19/2022. The Grey Mountains scaling instances will immediately be available up through tier 5. The Leading the Charge Deeds for those instances will be available through 1/18/2022. The Anvil of Winterstith raid will be immediately available through tier 2, with the Anvil raid tier 2 leading the charge deed available to complete through 1/18/2022. Tier 3 of the raid will become available on 1/5/2022, with the Anvil raid tier 3 leading the charge deed available to complete through 2/8/2022. The Depths of Kidzul-kâlah will be immediately available through tier 2, increasing to tier 5 on 1/19/2022. The Kidzul-kâlah leading the charge deeds will be available to complete from 1/19/2022 through 2/22/2022.

News and Notes:


  • Brawler
    • Rush now costs 1 point instead of two.
  • Champion
    • Several Champion skills were incorrectly using Crit Chance modifiers rather than critical magnitude modifiers to increase the damage of their critical attacks, and these errors have now been fixed. For most player builds this will result in an overall DPS increase from critical attacks.
  • Hunter
    • Improved Penetrating Shot's cooldown has been increased from zero to one second. This change is needed due to prevent a discovered way to abuse the skill.


  • Legendary Items can now increase to item level 470. If your character has reached level 140, speak to a Forge Master and Reforge your Legendary Items to access the new item levels.
  • All old LI blank names now have the 'Sealed' term prepended to their names. While these can no longer be identified they can still be used as cosmetic items.
  • 'Roving threat' LI blank vendors now accept Figments rather than tokens for these items.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Yuletide Festival
    • The Missions in Azanulbizar, Gundabad, and Further Aventures now count for the Yule Festival Quest "A Mission to Bring Good Cheer".
    • The Biggest Stomach of Them All is once again a Daily quest. Players will also now receive a single token if they finish the first table.
    • The Shire Holly Steed skill will now correctly summon a horse if you are a Human/Beorning/Elf/High Elf and a pony if you are a Dwarf/Stout-axe/Hobbit. The Shire Holly Steed pony coat color has been corrected to match the brown horse.
    • The NPC Alex Grey has returned to barter for your Yuletide Festival Tokens.
  • Fate of Gundabad
    • Assault on Dhurstrok - Players will no longer get stuck in Gadh and Shum's room.
    • Instance quests for Den of Pughlak and Assault on Dhúrstrok now award IXP tokens.
    • Den of Pughlak and Assault on Dhúrstrok now bestow quests on Tiers 4 and 5.
    • Assault on Dhúrstrok's meta deed now bestows.
    • All tier completion deeds bestow in Assault on Dhúrstrok regardless of tier.
    • The Quest Guide has been updated to correctly point to Zul-mazal for 'Epilogue: Endings and Beginnings'.
    • Slow travel between Maergrind and Drenghol now functions as intended.
    • Slow travel to Fellgát (Northern Welkin-lofts) & Ibdêkh-buzru (Central Welkin-lofts) from Grúmachath (Central Câr Bronach) now functions as intended.
    • All travel routes from the War-room Stable-master now display Swift Travel.
    • Clovengap - Gundabad - Quest "Tharrkirîn's Baubles" won't bestow until Gerja has moved to Bazanmanar. Players waiting to turn in can complete quest "The Sky Has Fallen" and she will move to the proper location.


  • Fixed a bug where the High-elf male was using the mounted version of the eating emote while standing.
  • The High-elf horse-riding animation has been restored to its original version.
  • Elf and High-elf Runekeepers will now use their correct idle animation when their rune satchel visibility is toggled on or off.