Update 31.1.2 - Wednesday January 12, 2022

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Update 31.1.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 31.1.2, released on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022.

News and Notes:


  • Newly-acquired Wayfarer's, Traveller's, and Adventurer's Lootbox gear is now Bind to Account rather than Bind to Character.
  • The benefits on the Restless Dwarf-lord's Shimmering Stud and Shimmering Stud of Pughlak's Den have been adjusted slightly to make them more focused on healing for Captains and Beornings. Critical Defence has been replaced as a stat on the following items:
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Jade Ear Cuff
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Carven Ring
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Adamant Ring
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Thin Carved Jade Ring
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Thin Glittering Earring
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Thin Hardened Torc
    • Restless Dwarf-lord's Thin Iron Stud
    • Jade Ear Cuff of Pughlak's Den
    • Carven Ring of Dhúrstrok
    • Iron Stud of Pughlak's Den
    • Thin Carved Jade Ring of Dhúrstrok
    • Thin Jade Silver Earring of Pughlak's Den
    • Thin Iron Stud of Pughlak's Den
    • Remembrancer's Mountain-borne Earring
    • Brilliant Padded Armour of Restless Dwarf-lords
    • Padded Armour of Restless Dwarf-lords
    • Thin Padded Medium Cloak of Restless Dwarf-lords

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fate of Gundabad
    • Adkhat-zahhar, The Houses of Rest
      • The Tier 3 Leading the Charge Deed is now active and available until 3am server time on March 2nd, 2022.
      • Health has been reduced for both Loknashra and Vethug.
      • Vethug now uses skills correctly.
      • Loknashra's Blizzard cast time is now slower on lower difficulties.
      • Several damage over time effects were hitting for more than expected across the instance, so we have reduced the damage these effects do.
      • Some skill damage has been reduced.
      • Area of effect damage has been increased.
      • Darkness Consumes now has a limited area of effect and does less damage.
      • A Houses of Rest Reward Vendor, Overseer, has been added to Zidir-nesad, the Steepset.
    • Assault on Dhúrstrok
      • Scion buffs have been removed from enemies in the Dhúrstrok boss fights.
    • The Legacy of Durin and the Trials of the Dwarves
      • Fixed an issue where a dwarf in Chapter 11.5 could fall through the floor.
    • Vales of Anduin
      • The Vales of Anduin had been erroneously set to be at a higher level break than they should have been for access on Anor.. This area is now in-line with the Ironfold and the Grey Mountains.


  • Corrected some German and French text.