Update 31.0.2 - Tuesday November 23, 2021

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Update 31.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 31.0.2, released on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Of Special Note:

Ultimate Edition Fate of Gundabad Purchasers:

Fate of Gundabad is the first expansion in the LOTRO Market to utilize a new upgrading feature so purchasers can upgrade more easily from a Base to a Collector's to an Ultimate edition. We recently discovered that purchasers who used the upgrade from the Collector's to the Ultimate edition ended up getting a second Valar - 130, Gundabad Delving Supplies, and Improved Expedition Supplies in addition to the Valar - 130, Ultimate Expedition Supplies, and Ultimate Delving Supplies granted by the Ultimate edition. In order to make sure players who purchased the Ultimate edition get an equal number of these items, we are granting players who purchased an Ultimate edition of Fate of Gundabad directly an additional Valar - 130, Gundabad Delving Supplies (which includes the Gundabad toolkit), and Improved Expedition Supplies. For future expansions, players can expect to receive one Valar and similar items per higher tier edition, and people using the upgrade path will not receive a duplicate of these supplies. The items will be delivered to the first character you log into after updating to 31.0.2.

News and Notes:


  • Gundabad Crafted Brawler belt buckles now have their correct stats.
  • The Jeweller Recipe books found in the LOTRO Store now include Brawler belt buckle recipes.
  • Gundabad crafted light leg, hand, and foot armour has been updated to help differentiate them from medium armour.
  • Gundabad Allegiance Item tooltips now accurately reflect the number of Zhelruka Allegiance Points they give.


  • The Osgiliath PvMP zone has been disabled until it can be reworked.
  • Resource nodes have been updated in the Ettenmoors to cap level.
  • Healing has been reduced across the board for Creeps by about 25%.
  • Defiler Heals Over Time have had their magnitude reduced by a small amount.
  • A small amount of Outgoing Healing has been added to Audacity.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fate of Gundabad
    • The instance Den of Pughlak has reopened and an issue that could cause a teleportation loop has been corrected.
    • The Clovengap Quest "The Overgrown Vineyard" will now advance properly if you are in a Fellowship and aren't the first one to the quest location, and a quest ring will display in a more specific location on the mini map.
    • The Clovengap Quest "Clovengap Mist-walkers" will now advance properly if you are in a Fellowship and aren't the first one to the quest location.
    • Some missing dialogue in the Deepscrave instance "The Truth of the Matter" now appears in the chat box.
    • Completing the "Assault on Dhúrstrok" instance now advances the corresponding Deepscrave quest.
    • Mozrúk's "Bond" effect now works on Shaikmuz in Tier 3 of "Assault on Dhúrstrok.
    • Múta's "Tenacity of the Dwarves" buff is now stronger.
    • Mozrúk's and Shaikmuz's health have been decreased.
    • Múta's "Tenacity of the Dwarves" buff is now stronger.


  • Numerous localization corrections and additions have been made, particularly involving items in the Fate of Gundabad expansion.