Update 24.1.1 - Thursday June 20, 2019

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Update 24.1.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 24.1.1, released on Thursday, June 20th.

News and Notes:

Quests Adventure Areas

  • Fixed some issues causing unintended difficulty in the Anvil of Winterstith and other areas where Ranged and Magic damage was being improperly buffed.
  • Introduction: Vales of Anduin - Some players were able to get into a stuck state with this quest. If you have the quest underway and are unable to complete it, the quest should remove itself from your quest log and will re-bestow.
  • A Message from Rhosgobel - This quest will now bestow in any major landmark in the Vales of Anduin when you become eligible for the quest.
  • Joyous Jam - Fixed an issue where the grapes would sometimes fail to show up in the tub.


  • Chests in the Ost Dunhoth Raid, when run at level 65, will have a chance to drop the original level 65 rewards. These items will be fellowship tradeable. All chests in Ost Dunhoth will award personal loot and will have daily locks, allowing 10 completions per day, after which you will not be able to receive rewards. Ost Dunhoth, when run at higher levels, will continue to drop the current scaling rewards, which will also now be Fellowship tradeable.
  • Baingrist now offers a static +2% devastating critical chance rather than an on-use effect. Additionally, because Baingrist is designed for might, will, and agility classes and therefore has extra main stats and mastery that are not useful, the amount of critical rating, mastery, and vitality given have been increased.
  • Items in pending loot or packages that have a chance to gain bonus levels when taken now show a green + sign next to the item level.
  • Scrolls of Empowerment that were once bound to character now bind to account instead
  • Bee cosmetic pets now fly.
  • Several of the new crafted housing decoration items were using incorrect housing decoration slot types. This has been fixed. If you have already placed these housing items, they will remain in place until you move them to a new decoration hook.
  • Fixed some of the new housing decoration recipes which were using incorrect ingredients.


  • Corrected some French and German localization bugs.
  • Throttling has been done on custom emotes for all channels, including user chat channels, as part of a wider effort to curb spam and harassment. Players utilizing custom emotes under most typical conditions should experience no change.