Update 24.1 - Wednesday June 12, 2019

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Update 24.1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 24.1, released on Wednesday, June 12th.

Of Special Note

Siege of Mirkwood arrives on the Legendary Worlds!

Join the elves of Lothlórien in war against Sauron among the ancient ruins, spider-haunted canyons, and foul bogs of Mirkwood. In the shadow of Dol Guldur, the enemy waits—and so does glory, for those strong enough to take it. Experience the entire Siege of Mirkwood expansion on Anor and Ithil! Click here to learn more about our Legendary Worlds. Includes more than 150 quests, a level cap increase to 65, new end-game repeatable questing for Virtue XP (Legendary Worlds only), and more!

News and Notes:


  • The Guardian Set Bonus Armour of the Indomitable Protector has had its healing and maximum morale set bonuses reduced to +10%.
  • Corrected a bug causing bonuses to the max morale buff from the Guardian skill Warrior's heart to be too powerful.
  • Stats on Mirkwood, Enedwaith, and some Isengard gear have been updated to be more in line with modern stat combinations and values.

Quests Adventure Areas

  • Enemy difficulty has been increased from levels 61 to 84, up to the percentage values previously set for level 85.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sharkey's Orders in the Gladden Fields from completing. The orders are now indestructible, and are removed from a character's inventory when the quest is completed.
  • Rhosgobel deeds now show up in the proper deeds tab.
  • Quest: Assisting Rhosgobel - Removed FIXME text / Quest now gives out 2 Oak Leaves instead of one.
  • Quests - Rhosgobel - all those riled up critters in the stumps won't disappear after 5 seconds when you're trying to give them a taming treat!
  • Enedwaith: Heroes' Quartermasters Thelawen and Golweniel now require completion of the quest 'In Their Absence, Chapter 15' in order to barter for the In Your Absence cluster tier 2 (incomparable) set gear.
  • Repeatable quests now include text showing whether or not you've previously completed the quest.
  • A broken travel route from Rivendell to the Vegbar has been fixed.
  • Special time-gated Legendary Challenger Titles are available on the Legendary worlds for In Their Absence and Dol Guldur. This title will be available until the next level cap increase on the Legendary worlds.


  • Summer Festival (starts June 20th at 10:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT)).
    • Tier 2 difficulty has been added to Boss from the Vaults: Thrâng.
    • See Campanula Chubb at the Party Tree for a new Seasonal quest!


  • In the Virtue Trait panel, offensive Virtues now display a small sword icon, while defensive virtues display a shield.
  • The tutorials for Class, Race, and Virtue Trait panels now properly display when a player opens the panels for the first time.
  • The character name filter now includes more robust prohibition on religious names.


  • Corrected an animation issue for male Race of Man characters who hold two-handed swords.

Known Issues

  • Grey Mountains scaled Instance chest items are not properly getting their chance to receive an item level bump when acquired from Pending Loot. We recommend you turn on the option to always loot all in those instances.