Update 11.5, Official - October 14, 2013

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Update 11.5, Official - October 14, 2013


  • We've discovered that a very significant chunk of time is spent during logon to read and calculate your skirmish stats. Instead of doing these calculations during logon, we will now do them after. Your Skirmish stats will then update in the background, as you play. This should allow some characters who have been unable to login due to a timeout to get into the game. Please note, your Skirmish stats will not display correctly until all of the processing is completed after logging in. Please note: Exiting the game or logging out your character before the skirmish data has finished updating may cause your client to crash. No data is lost or damaged if this occurs.
  • Fixed an issue where objects/textures would not render correctly on some machines.



Update 11.5 Release Notes - Official