Update 11.0.1, Official - May 16, 2013

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Update 11.0.1 Release Notes - Official


  • Addressed a specific performance issue with the QT launcher
  • Resolved an issue with a specific creature skill effect that would cause severe performance issues.



  • Scylfig: A Celebration Feast is now available to players.
  • The Rescue in Cuthbald's Farm is once again available to players. You should be able to complete the quest normally.
  • Addressed an issue that was causing unexpected behavior with Disturbance at the Gate, Funeral in Forlaw and Thrymm's Farm.


  • East Wall - South East of Mansig's Encampment - Massive invisible object - blocks path


Defence of Scylfig

  • Addressed an issue that allowed fellowships to enter the instance causing various errors. This is a solo instance.

Source: Update 11.0.1, Official