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Tribes are groups of monster players that come together for a common, long-term purpose and are the Monster Play equivalent to Kinships for the free peoples of Middle-Earth. There are 4 basic types of Tribes can be formed.

Key Differences between Kinships and Tribes

Tribes do not "rank up" to gain abilities for the Tribe as Kinships do. From creation they have all the core abilities that the tribe will ever have.

Creating a Tribe

To create a Tribe, you must purchase a charter from The Tribal Scrivener Sovairlë in Gramsfoot. The requirements to start a tribe are:

Cost: 102 Silver 40 Copper  (all of them cost the same)
Minimum Rank: 3
Must not be a member of another Tribe.

The person who created the Tribe is its first leader and from there forward is the Founder of that tribe so, while a member of the tribe they will have access to the founders title for that tribe type. (A Tribe can change its leader.)

There are four types of Tribes but the type simply determines what titles the tribe's members may use:

  • Mixed
  • Blogmal
  • Ongburz
  • Tarkrip

Any race can join any type of Tribe. The only difference is in the titles given to its members.

Note: The leader of a Tribe can change the type of the tribe at any time simply by buying a different type of Tribe starting item.
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Tribe Types & Titles

From the start of a tribe, the Tribe Titles become available for display for your members. Tribe titles vary based on the type of tribe chosen by the founder.
There are four types of tribes, each granting the titles listed below.

The four types are:

With mixed being the most common of the four.

Tribe Titles
Rank Mixed Blogmal Ongburz Tarkrip
Founder Warlord Ancestor Bone-speaker Overseer
Leader Warrior Warmonger Battle-master Chieftain
Officer Watcher War-boss Field-master Sentinel
Member Grunt Grunt Grunt Grunt


Special thanks to:
* Darknyx of the Oathfallen Risen Tribe on Meneldor for his patience with my many questions on tribes. He provided a great deal of assistance in preparing this article.
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