Treebeard's Hill

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Treebeard's Hill
Type: Hill
Region: East Rohan
Area: Eaves of Fangorn
Location: [39.1S, 74.6W]


Treebeard's Hill is a landmark within Eaves of Fangorn in East Rohan. [39.1S, 74.6W]

At Treebeard's Hill, Gandalf tells you that the Hobbits are safe, and tasks you with speaking to the Ents.

It was here that Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took first met Treebeard- not long before your own arrival, in fact. Gandalf the White can be found here, and near him a horse that will take you deeper into Fangorn during Curiosity Dawns. [38.9S, 74.6W]

Quest Involvement