Target Resist Rating (Songs) (Imbued Legacy)

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Tier 1 Class Legacy
  • -500 Target Resist Rating (Songs)

  • 0 / 30,000 Item XP to next tier

  • Next Tier (2):
  • -600 Target Resist Rating (Songs)

  • Max Tier (46):
  • -5000 Target Resist Rating (Songs)

  • Final Tier (83):
  • -8700 Target Resist Rating (Songs)

  • 0 / ... additional Tiers unlocked

This page describes a legacy on an imbued legendary item.

Post-imbuement Legacy Information

Class: Minstrel

Slot: Songbook

Trait Tree(s): Any

Description: Decreases the target's Resistance Rating against Song of Distraction

Replaces on Imbue: Target Resist Rating (Songs) (major)

Additional Information

When this legacy was first introduced, Minstrels had other offensive Song skills such as Song of of Soothing and Song of the Dead. However, these skills were removed from the game. Therefore, this legacy now is not particularly useful since it only affects Song of Distraction.