Quest:What of the Farmer?

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What of the Farmer?
Level 66
Type Solo
Starts with Dunlending (Outcast)
Starts at Trum Dreng
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [77.7S, 25.0W]
Ends with Dilwun
Ends at The Herd-lands
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [79.2S, 24.5W]
Quest Group Dunland: Trum Dreng
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I might have heard someone from the herdsman's family the night the Dragon-clan came. I heard a terrible scream, but there was naught that we could do without weapons.

'There was no light at all. No light...only screams. The screaming went on, then was silent. Whatever happened to that poor family, it was nothing good.

'It is good of you to look for them, but are you certain it is worth the risk? It is folly to seek the dead while their killers lurk nearby.'


You helped some travellers who witnessed the sacking of the Herd-lands, but it is now time to seek the farmer and his family. They have not been seen since the Dragon-clan came.

Objective 1

  • Search for the Celun, the farmhand
  • Search for Trev, the chief herdsman

The farmer's family should be somewhere in the Herd-lands.

Whether dead or alive, you should find Trev's family before reporting back to Lhan Tarren.

Dunlending: 'I hope you do not meet an untimely end with your good intentions, <name>. It would be a tragedy for a good soul like yourself to die needlessly while seeking the dead.'
Trev: This is undoubtedly Trev, the chief herdsman in these lands.
Trev appears to have been murdered during the invasion. His face and body are contorted as if he died in considerable pain; perhaps his were the screams head on the night of the raid.
Trev has been brutally slain during the Dragon-clan invasion
Celun: This man probably worked for the farmer, but he lies face-down in the water. It is obvious that he has not drawn breath for too long now....
The farmhand Celun has been murdered and left at the bank of the river

Objective 2

  • Search for the farmer's son Dilwun

The farmer's son should also be somewhere in the Herd-lands in Trum Dreng.

There is only one Stag-clansman left to find, and he is not with the others: the herdsman's son Dilwun.

Dilwun: You have discovered the last member of Trev's famiy, and he too is dead...murdered and left at the riverbank to be carried away when the rains come.
The Elder will be sorely grieved by this news. The Stag-clan has now grown smaller and more vulnerable.