Quest:Sprung a Leak

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Sprung a Leak
Level 6
Type Solo
Starts with Tindr
Starts at Frerin's Court
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [14.9S, 103.1W]
Quest Group Ered Luin
Quest Chain The Dwarf-canal
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I am Tindr, Master Builder of Thorin's Hall. The great canal, for which I am responsible, has recently fissured. The crack has not yet become a serious threat, but it is only a matter of time, and I haven't any builders available to assist with its repairs. Could you help me seal the fissure?

'I need to mix a mortar to seal the crack but our stores are barren. I will need stone and gypsum from the new Mirkstone Tunnels and sand from the Rockbelly Pit. The Mirkstone Tunnels are above the great statue of Thorin to the north-west. Fool goblins dug another entrance after we closed off the original with the Arming Cave. The Rockbelly Pit is to the south-east in the Winterheight.

'If we do not seal the crack soon, it may break, flooding the Vale of Thráin below.'


A fissure has opened in the great dwarf-canal leading down from Thorin's Hall, threatening to flood the Vale of Thráin.

Objective 1

Tindr is in the courtyard in front of Thorin's Hall. Sand is in the Rockbelly Pit south-east of Frerin's Court in a place called Winterheight. Gypsum and small stones can be found in the Mirkstone Tunnels above Frerin's Court to the north-west.

Tindr, the Master Builder of Thorin's Hall, has asked you to collect various ingredients for a mortar with which to repair a leak in the canal wall.

Tindr: 'Where are the materials I asked you to gather?'
Tindr: 'It will just take me a moment to make the mortar. You learn a few tricks when you've done this as long as I have.
'There we are! Now take this mortar to the fissures in the canal walls in the Hall of Merchants inside the western parts of Thorin's Hall.'