Quest:Clear the Way

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This page is about the quest in Ered Luin. For the quest in Nan Curunír, see Quest:Clearing the Way (Isengard)
Clear the Way
Level 11
Type Solo
Starts with Otkell
Starts at Gondamon
Start Region Ered Luin
Map Ref [20.3S, 97.1W]
Quest Group Ered Luin
Quest Chain The Dwarf-canal
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'The goblins in these hills are causing us no end of grief. They've blocked off the river with debris and slowed the flow to a trickle, and what water exists is fouled by their presence.

'I can send a crew to remove the debris, but I need someone with a stout heart and a strong sword-arm to clear out some of the goblins. I can't afford to lose any workers, what with the Dourhands to contend with.

'You can find the canal west of here, just past the hills. The goblins have a camp west of their make-shift dam.'


The water supply coming into Gondamon is still interrupted, despite your efforts to clear the canal.

Objective 1

The canal near Gondamon is to the west, past the hills.

Otkell, the Chief Builder of Gondamon, informed you that goblins are responsible for the lack of fresh water. He asked you to go to the area west of the canal and remove the goblin threat.

Otkell: 'No luck with the goblins? Well keep at it. My crew can clear away the blockage just as soon as your part is done. The goblin camp is west of here.'

Objective 2

Otkell is at Gondamon to the east of the canal, beyond the hills.

You should return to Otkell and tell him about the goblins you defeated.

Otkell: 'Is it safe for my work crews? Excellent. I wouldn't send my lads out with all those goblins around. We need all the guards here to protect us from the cursed Dourhands in case they attack.'