Quest:Perspective from Nendath

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Perspective from Nendath
Level 98
Type Solo
Starts with Bruidis
Starts at Tadrent
Start Region Havens of Belfalas
Map Ref [74.4S, 62.7W]
Ends with Bruidis
Ends at Tadrent
End Region Havens of Belfalas
Map Ref [74.4S, 62.7W]
Quest Chain Tadrent
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'<name>, would you hike up to the beacon of Nendath and scout the surrounding area? From Nendath, you should be able to spot anyone moving about the valley.

'Tread carefully, <name>. I do not believe the corsairs have crossed the river recently, but one can only guess at their movements under cover of darkness.'


The situation at Tadrent is dire. Scouting the valley from atop the beacon at Nendath may help plan your attack on the corsair encampment.

Objective 1

  • Climb the foothils to the beacon at Nendath

Nendath can be found just southeast of Tadrent, along the foothills of the Emyn Ernil.

You should hike up to Nendath and scout the valley for corsair movements.

Corsairs are occupying the beacon, monitoring Tadrent for activity

Objective 2

  • Fight the intruders at Nendath (0/6)

Fight the intruders at Nendath.

Objective 3

  • Find a good spot on Nendath to look at the corsair camp Makham Mijann
This is a good place to look at the corsair camp Makham Mijann
The camp is oddly quiet; however, you see corsairs near the camp moving crates downstream

Objective 4

Bruidis can be found back in Tadrent.

Talk to Bruidis and tell her what you have seen. She will help you form a plan of action against the corsairs at Makham Mijann.

Bruidis: 'Corsairs at the beacon!? The situation is worse than I thought. They must know of our every movement!
'And what's this you say? Corsairs are sending crates downstream? I wonder where they are sending them! It can not be for any good purpose, that is certain.'