Quest:Londrandir's Message

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Londrandir's Message
Level 28
Type Solo
Starts with Gatson
Starts at Gatson's Farm
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [10.3S, 45.6W]
Ends with Aglardir
Ends at Lin Giliath
End Region North Downs
Map Ref [13.7S, 44.6W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'We are so lucky this Elf passed this way when he did, and lucky you came as well. I wish there was something we could do to help him in return, but we cannot abandon our farm.

'Perhaps you could speak with him, if you wish to help.'


Londrandir, an Elf from the refuge of Lin Giliath, has come to Amon Raith, seeking the aid of the Rangers in a small matter.

Objective 1

Londrandir stands at Gatson's Farm in the Kingsfell.

You should speak with Londrandir.

Londrandir: 'I saw Orcs when I passed this way, and could not turn a blind eye to them. I am glad I came here in time to save these Men.
'I came seeking aid on behalf of Lachenn, the Master of Lin Giliath, a small refuge of my kindred in the lush land of Meluinen. It is a small thing, no more than a slight stirring of an ill wind. The Rangers are not in a position to send someone to Lachenn, but perhaps you would go?
'Journey south; Lin Giliath is very near the border of Meluinen. If Lachenn is not able to speak with you, speak with Aglardir instead.'

Objective 2

Aglardir: 'Londrandir sent you to speak with Lachenn? You have come too late then.
'Lachenn is dead. He was killed when Stone-trolls attacked Lin Giliath, sometime before my company arrived.'