Quest:The Orc Threat

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The Orc Threat
Level 27
Type Solo
Starts with Gatson
Starts at Gatson's Farm
Start Region North Downs
Map Ref [10.3S, 45.6W]
Quest Group North Downs
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I can't say I blame them Rangers, considering what's going on around here these days. I know there's not many of them.

'But still, there's been Orcs around here lately. So far they've just skulked around, stealing things, but I'm sure as soon as they get their courage up, they're going to raid us. I guess I'm just too stubborn to run, and my hands, like Gilmar here, are too loyal to leave me, so I need you to get rid of these Orcs for me.

'You'll like as not find them sneaking around in my fields to the south. Get those foul creatures off my land!'


Orc scouts have been sneaking around Gatson's farm, stealing food, and Gatson is sure it is only a matter of time before they raid his farm in force.

Objective 1

Orcs can be found in Gatson's south fields.

Farmer Gatson is resigned to the knowledge that the Rangers cannot help him, but he is still concerned for the safety of his workhands. He hopes that by dealing with the Orcs scouts that have been stealing from his fields, you might be able to deter a violent raid on his farm.

Gatson: 'Them Orcs smell weakness...If you can chase more of them off, they might think twice before bothering us again!'
Gilmar: 'I heard Master Gatson send you after them Orcs in the south fields. You be careful...they fight like a wolf cornered in a barn.'

Objective 2

Gatson is at his farm, north of the fields.

You found and defeated many Orcs in Gatson's south fields. You should return to Gatson and tell him of your success.

Gatson: 'You've done well, my friend. We've got more problems, but at least you taught those Orcs a lesson.'