Quest:Instance: The Secrets of Sundergrót

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Instance: The Secrets of Sundergrót
Level 130
Type Solo
Starts with Agátur
Starts at Sundergrót
Start Region Wells of Langflood
Map Ref [21.6N, 63.0W]
Quest Chain Wells of Langflood: The Floodfells
Reflecting Pool Wells of Langflood Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"The Dwarves, Rúzat, Agátur, and Náth have stumbled upon a secret meeting between Rákhrum, Goblin Overseer of Sundergrót, and Gúrbarash, The Gundabad Hill-troll Chief."


The goblins of Sundergrót have set up a secret meeting within the old dwarf ruins.

Objective 1

  • Approach the dwarves
Rúzat says, "<name>, we found the meeting."
Agátur the Boastful says, "Stop talking so that we can hear them."
Náth says, "Keep quiet."

Objective 2

  • Let events transpire
Rákhrum says, "Gúrbarash, I am honoured you have come to Sundergrót on behalf of Gundabad."
Rákhrum says, "The offer of my Sundergrót forces swearing allegiance to Gundabad still stands."
Gúrbarash says, "I was told you had an army, a sizeable force, in your Sundergrót."
Gúrbarash says, "What I see in these halls is pitiful."
Rákhrum says, "I, I can explain!"
Gúrbarash says, "No need! I see these all empty, and the goblins I do see are injured!"
Gúrbarash says, "I let my Orcs camp at your halls, and now many are slain!"
Gúrbarash says, "There is nothing to explain, Rákhrum."
Rákhrum says, "There are dwarves here! Great numbers in the hills, it must be!"
Gúrbarash says, "Lies! A pathetic attempt to explain your own failures."
Gúrbarash says, "I see with my own eyes what is here and my decision is final."
Gúrbarash says, "Gundabad has nothing to gain from adding Sundergrót to its horde."
Gúrbarash says, "Come my Orcs, we leave this pitiful place."
Rákhrum says, "Gúrbarash, come back!"
Rákhrum says, "No! First I get kicked out of Goblin-town for siding with the Frost-horde!"
Rákhrum says, "Then Gundabad won't even accept my allegiance?!"
Rákhrum says, "Gah! If only I found those dwarves and the <class> mucking about in my halls."
Agátur the Boastful says, "Now is our chance! Let us attack!"

Objective 3

  • Defeat Rákhrum and his forces.
  • Agátur must survive
  • Náth must survive
  • Rúzat must survive
Rúzat shouts, "Look no further, vile goblin."
Náth shouts, "Here are your dwarves and the Guardian you seek."
Rákhrum shouts, "You! I'll kill you all!"
Rákhrum says, "Gah!"
Náth shouts, "The wretch flees! Let him run."
Náth: 'Rákhrum is of no concern. I say leave the goblin to sulk in the hills.
'Come, let us leave Sundergrót.'