Quest:Instance: The Gates of Carn Dûm

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Instance: The Gates of Carn Dúm
Level 49
Type Fellowship
Starts with Lorniel
Starts at Gath Forthnír
Start Region Angmar
Map Ref [10.8N, 24.0W]
Ends with Golodir
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 7
Reflecting Pool Angmar Reflecting Pool
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Gates of Carn Dûm
"Using the scroll of the Hillmen, a key to the gates of Carn Dûm has been forged. Now the Heroes of Eriador and Lorniel, daughter of Golodir, must pass the gates of Carn Dûm and free the Ranger from the clutches of Mordirith, the Steward of Angmar...."


You have travelled to Rhunendin with Lorniel. Using the key you helped forge, she is going to search for her father.

Objective 1

Protect Lorniel as she searches for her father, Golodir.

Lorniel: 'Good, so far we have passed unnoticed by the Enemy. Now we must see if we can find my father.
'I have no insight into where exactly he may be...Raghnall did not tell me where in Rhunendin he would be found. We will have to make a careful search.
'Prepare yourself, who knows what lies ahead....'
  • Protect Lorniel as she searches for her father
Lorniel says, "Tread carefully now..."
Lorniel says, "There, a fallen Ranger!"
Lorniel says, "Please don't be him..."
Lorniel says, "I am sure now; this is not my father."
Lorniel says, "I can see another fallen Ranger ahead."
Lorniel says, "Please do not let this be my father!"
Lorniel says, "It is not him. Let us continue!"
Lorniel says, "Hold, I will open this gate..."
Lorniel says, "Strange...the key does not work here...."
Lorniel says, "I am not sure why the key did not work but I did see a means to open the gate."
Lorniel says, "On the other side of the gate, there is a lever."
Lorniel says, "I will wait here and watch the pass behind us."

Objective 2

  • Open the gate for Lorniel

Use the lever on the other side of the gate.

As you progressed deeper into Rhunendin, you encountered a gate the key to Carn Dûm would not open. You should make your way to the lever and open the gate for Lorniel.

Lorniel: 'Hurry now, use the lever on the other side of the gate and open the way.'
Lorniel says, "Good work!"

Objective 3

  • Talk to Lorniel

Protect Lorniel as she searches for her father, Golodir.

Lorniel: 'It is very strange that the key did not work on this gate. I hope we do not encounter any other unexpected surprises as we continue on.'
  • Protect Lorniel as she searches for her father
Lorniel says, "Be on your guard..."
Lorniel says, "There! Another Ranger!"
Lorniel says, "Father, is that you?"
Lorniel says, "This poor soul is not my father..."
Lorniel says, "Perhaps the key will work here..."
Lorniel says, "Good!"
Duvárdain Blood-guard says, "Intruders!"
Angmarim High Priestess says, "Bring forth the giant! They must be stopped!"
Angmarim High Priestess says, "The giant has broken free from our will!"
Lorniel says, "He is not here!"

Objective 4

  • Talk to Lorniel

Protect Lorniel as she searches for her father, Golodir.

Lorniel: 'My father is not here. How could Raghnall's words have proven false? I fear that we will have to go into Carn Dûm itself!'

Objective 5

  • Protect Lorniel as she searches for her father

After you found Golodir, Lorniel was slain. Now the False King stands before you, far from his source of power. Now is the time to defeat Mordirith.

Lorniel says, "Come now, Carn Dûm lies before us!"
Lorniel says, "It is time to put this key to its final test..."
Lorniel says, "Wait! The gates open on their own!"
Lorniel says, "Father!"
Mordirith says, "See, Golodir. It is as I promised. Here is your daughter."
Mordirith says, "And here is <name> and all the others you have watched for so long."
Mordirith says, "You see, for a great many days, Golodir has watched you from afar through a palantír."
Mordirith says, "I told him that seeing your failures would break his will."
Mordirith says, "Yet as he saw your "successes," he thought me the fool."
Mordirith says, "Now though, as he sees your final defeat at my hands, he shall know true despair!"
Mordirith says, "And in his depair, he shall abandon all hope and become a servant of the Iron Crown!"
Lorniel says, "Never!"
Mordirith says, "Die."
Lorniel says, "unh..."
Golodir says, "Lorniel!"
Mordirith says, "It is enough! I need not waste time with you fools any longer!"
Defeated Mordirith, the False King
Mordirith says, "Leave now and take Golodir with you."
Mordirith says, "I have accomplished what I set out to do!"

Objective 6

Golodir is waiting to talk to you.

You have found Golodir and driven off Mordirith, but at a terrible cost.

Golodir: Golodir speaks through choking sobs, 'No, no...Lorniel!
'He was right...Mordirith was right. He was just playing with me...with you. He could have defeated you today if he had truly wanted to.
'All that time seeing through the palantír I thought I would see the victory...that Lorniel and you...that you would free me, would bring about the downfall of Angmar. It is all gone...all is lost....'
Golodir: 'Quickly, we must leave this terrible place....'