Quest:Foreword: Hilltop Assault

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Foreword: Hilltop Assault
Level 61
Type Solo
Starts with Fuirgam's Aide
Starts at Echad Sirion
Start Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [15.3S, 61.6W]
Ends with Alfirimbes
Ends at Echad Sirion
End Region Mirkwood
Map Ref [15.0S, 61.6W]
Quest Group Vol. II. Book 9
Quest Chain Mirkwood Landing
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Many preparations have been made no small part due to your efforts upon our behalf, <name>. Now we are prepared to strike against the fortress that overlooks the Mirk-eaves, and with this thrust, we shall claim the banks of the Anduin as our own and drive the Orcs forth!

'Will you aid us in this endeavour? If so, speak with me again when you are ready to depart.'


Fuirgam is prepared to launch his assault upon the Orc-fortification overlooking the Mirk-eaves, which, if successful, should break the back of the Orc-forces defending the forest, allowing the Malledhrim to advance to the tower of Dol Guldur.

Objective 1

Fuirgam's Aide is at Echad Sirion, on the eastern banks of the Anduin.

You should speak with Fuirgam's Aide when you are ready to venture forth to conquer the fort atop Amon Angened, overlooking the Mirk-eaves.

Fuirgam's Aide: 'We stand ready to march...will you join us, <name>? Battle awaits!'

Objective 2

Alfirimbes is at Echad Sirion on the eastern banks of the Anduin.

Fuirgam has asked you to return to speak with Alfirimbes, who is re-organizing the Malledhrim forces in the Mirk-eaves after the success of the landing.

Alfirimbes: 'I am glad to see that you survived the opening stage of our assault, <name>!
'It is thanks in no small part to your efforts that our advance upon Dol Guldur has been only lightly impeded by the servants of the Enemy. Our forces now advance through the forest of Mirkwood to claim Emyn Lûm, well to the east, but there is much to be done before we reach it.
'Gird yourself well, for the blackest of terrors yet stand before us.'