Physical Mitigation

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  • Physical Mitigation is the character stat that measures the reduction in damage the player character takes from physical damage sources.
  • Damage of types Common, Ancient Dwarf-make, Beleriand, Westernesse, Orc-craft, and Fell-wrought is reduced based on the Physical Mitigation stat. You can see the type of damage being done to your character by any specific skill by viewing the combat log.
  • PvP: Note that Physical Mitigation is less effective against Orc-craft and Fell-wrought damage than against Common damage. It should also be noted that Ancient Dwarf-make, Beleriand, and Westernesse damage-types can only be found on weapons or abilities used by characters of the Free People's, so a Free People character having mitigation against them is mostly pointless outside of sparring.

The primary source of Physical Mitigation is Armour (1:1). Some gear items, virtues, and relics also provide Physical Mitigation. And for the Champion and Mariner classes, Might also contributes to Physical Mitigation.

The following Virtues increase Physical Mitigation:
  • Physical Mitigation is an important stat for tanks as most basic mobs in skirmishes and instances will do Common damage. Most tank classes have an easy path to acquiring large amounts of Physical Mitigation. Guardians, Captains and Wardens will get a huge amount from their shields.