Patch Notes - April 18, 2007

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Patches(17 C, 2 P)

The following changes have been made in the April 18 patch (May 2 in EU):

See also Known Issues for the known bugs...


  • Item damage upon defeat will no longer occur until the player reaches level 10. Once you hit level 10 all bets are off, but you get a free ride til then! Keep in mind that item wear still occurs during combat.
  • The repair cost has been lowered on some uncommon/rare jewellry, weapons, shields, and clothing.
  • Signature, Elite, and Boss monsters drop more money.
  • Pipeweed seed processing recipes now only give out 1 seed instead of 3, like they were always supposed to. (Farmers, please drop the pitchforks! There are changes coming to better your plight. More details to follow.)



  • For Windows Vista users, Texture Detail is now set to High when overall graphics settings are set to Very High or Ultra High. Previously (and still true for non-Vista machines), these graphics settings would set Texture Detail to very high. People will still be able to manually set their Texture Detail to Very High, but it wont ever default that high on Vista.