Mines of Moria Patch 1

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  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some devastating hit damage multiplier modifiers on items and Relics from working correctly.
  • Poison, Disease, Fear, and Wound debuffs applied through Hotspots and Auras are no longer Curable. These type of debuffs can be avoided by staying outside of the area of the Aura or Hotspot, or by killing the source of the Aura.
  • You know what's annoying? Countdown effects that stun, root, or slow me after combat is already over. We've changed all of these that we could find to only apply their effects if you are in combat.



  • Wardens and Rune-keepers will now have appropriate animations during Fellowship Maneuvers


  • The Guardian has had a sweeping pass to the balance of his threat skills and shield damage skills.
    • Base Shield Damage Increased 10% from 50-60
    • Base Threat increased from 50-60
    • Shield of Fire trait gains additional bonus: +1 Shield Taunt targets
    • Shield Damage Legacy progression change to have max at rank 9 be 21% on a level 60 Epic belt and cost slightly less
    • Litany of Defiance base targets increased to 5
    • Litany Legendary trait gains additional +5 Litany of Defiance targets
    • Whirling Retaliation Skill gains a numeric Threat transfer ability
    • Litany of Challenge trait +2 Challenge targets
    • Litany of Challenge trait Challenge Generates additional Threat
    • Evade 3 & Evade 4 Passives now available for Guardians
    • Defender of Free Trait Set 3 additional bonus: +2 Shield Taunt targets
    • Bug fix for Shield of Fire which was only providing a 7.5% boost to threat previously
    • Increased the threat generated by the shield response line of skills
    • Threatening Presence now applies to all skills that generate threat. This includes melee attack skills that do not normally generate additional threat.
  • Guardian Legacy “Stagger Movement” speed debuff now properly changes the Stagger skill tooltip when this legacy is active.
  • Guardian Legacy “Reactive Block Damage” now displays the increase as a percent on the legacy tooltip.
  • Guardian Legacy “Targeted Melee Range” tooltip has been updated to reflect that this legacy does not affect AoE & auto attack.
  • Guardian “Threat Rating Up” legacy has had its tooltip updated to state “Skills Threat Rating Up” as this legacy does not benefit auto attacks.
  • The countdown effect “Imminent Cleansing” applied by the Guardian's “Improved Sting” skill will no longer overwrite itself. If the player used this skill repeatedly to attempt to remove a Corruption effect, it would actually prevent the Countdown effect from completing because the Countdown timer would keep resetting back to 10 seconds, thus not removing any Corruptions.


  • Hunter's “Barbed Arrow” trait now has tooltip text that specifies the Damage over Time pulse increase.
  • Hunter Strength “Quick Shot Slow” Legacy now properly updates the tooltip of Quickshot while Strength Stance is active.
  • Hunter Legacy “Improved Strength of Earth Morale Regen” tooltip has been corrected so that it shows the proper morale regen increase.
  • Hunter Legacy “Quick Shot Threat Down” tooltip has been updated to reflect that this only works while in Endurance Stance.


  • The set bonus in Watcher of Resolve was incorrectly referring to Anthem of Sympathy where it should have read Anthem of Compassion.
  • Tale of Frost and Flame text string was reading as Tale of Frost and Flame's Battle.
  • All Minstrel “Triumphant Spirit Cooldown” legacy tiers display the correct cooldown reduction.
  • Minstrel's Noble Cause skill now states that Herald’s Strike damage is changed to Light for the duration of the skill.
  • Warrior-Skald Modifications:
    • Anthem of the Wizards and Anthem of the Valar now impacted by Warrior Skald.
    • Ballad of Resonance is increased in Warrior Skald
    • Watcher of Resolve now influences Anthem of Compassion
  • Minstrels gain improved Resonance
  • Reduced Cooldown of Damaging Anthems with Warrior Skald
  • Anthem of Compassion can now be transformed into a Tier 3 Ballad.
  • Heralded Resolve now gives a 10% healing boon in addition to its healing bonus.
  • All Minstrel Legendary Items that have damage progressions will have all Legendary Points Reset and you will have to spend them again. The point cost for those progressions have changed.
  • Corrected a bug causing Piercing Cry in Warspeech to have an incorrect crit rate.


  • We have modified the Captain "Relentless Optimism" deed so that it is now advanced by using the "Rallying Cry" or "Words of Courage" skills, instead of being advanced by critical hits for those skills.
  • Captain's Noble Mark no longer does any upfront damage, only Damage over Time.
  • Captain's “Hands of a Healer” legendary trait now details that Heal Over Time that “Valiant Strike” gains when this trait is slotted.
  • The Armaments of the Oath-bound will now indicate to Captains that they need to have the "Master of Oaths" legendary trait slotted before they can equip the armaments.
  • The Captain skills Telling Mark and Strength of Will will now display increases in their effects due to Legendary Weapon legacies.


  • The "Swift and Subtle" trait was applying the resistance debuff even if the target did not have a Gamble active. The trait now works as advertised.
  • The 4-set bonus of Mischief-maker was erroneously claiming to remove 30 seconds from Trick Removal cooldowns, when in fact it removes 10 seconds.
  • Burglar - Changes to the "Cunning Wound" trait caused it to no longer upgrade "Cunning Attack." This bug has been fixed.
  • Burglar Legacy “Critical Multiplier” has been updated to say “Skills Critical Multiplier” as this legacy has no effect on auto attacks.
  • Burglar - The trait "Leaf-walker" was allowing Provoke to apply a Disabling Gamble even when not attacking from Stealth. Now, Provoke will only apply a Gamble when used from Stealth.


  • Lore-master trait Proof Against All Ills has been reworded to clarify that once slotted Leechcraft and Tend the Sick only work on fellowship members.
  • Lore-master “+ Fire Skills Critical Multiplier” Legacy now increases the critical damage of all Fire damage skills.
  • Lore-master text for the Ancient Master was incorrectly referring to Dead rather than Men with Improvements for Warding Lore.
  • Sign of Power: Wizardry and Sign of Power: Wizard's Fire descriptions have been updated to remove reference of a shared cooldown.
  • Tier 6 & 8 Beacon of Hope threat reduction legacies display that correct tooltip information.
  • Removed Subtle Wizard from the Lore-master Traits. (Statistically not used by LM anywhere).
  • Added "Fast Loader" which removes induction from Blinding Flash. (The answer to the riddle, "Why does the Burglar not have an induction for Riddle but the Lore-master has one for Blinding Flash?").
  • Improved Storm-Lore now is worth 25% damage.


  • Rune-keeper - The skill and effect tooltips for the power cost increases to "Essay of Exaltation" and "Epic Conclusion" were not displaying correctly. They had been 50% increase since live, but the tooltips said 100%. Now the tooltips are correct.
  • Rune-keeper - The deed "Winter-storm" will now properly update for all Chill of Winter skills.
  • Rune-keeper - The "Linnod of Peace" trait now properly refers to "Calming Verse" as the skill it modifies.
  • Rune-keeper - Some skill tooltips have been updated to show more information.
  • Rune-keeper - "Word of Exaltation" was bugged, applying its buff for shorter than advertised durations. The bug has been fixed, making the tooltip of the skill now match what the skill should function as.
  • Rune-keeper Satchels will now accept legendary title items.
  • Rune-keepers will no longer fire arrows at the end of Red and Yellow conjunctions.
  • Using Rune-keeper skills could cause performance problems on some systems, especially when playing with DirectX 10 graphics enabled. This has been fixed.


  • Wardens skipping the newbie quests now have the option of a spear as one of the selectable reward items.
  • Warden's Way of the Spear 2 trait set bonus now correctly displays the reduction to Spear Gambit Power Costs.
  • Warden “Boar's Rush Critical Multiplier” legacy has had its name changed to “Boar's Rush Critical Rating” as this legacy increases your critical chances not critical damage.
  • Warden's “Surety of Death Damage” legacy has had its tooltip updated to reflect that this legacy only benefits the Damage Over Time effect applied by the “Surety of Death” gambit.
  • Warden Skill: Forced March - tooltip will now reflect modifiers from Legendary Weapons
  • Warden Skills Maddening Strike and Reversal now have combat animations that more closely match the skill descriptions
  • Warden Skill - Boar's Rush: Updated critical effect to a short Daze rather than the current Stun to allow Wardens to activate Critical Strike when Boar's Rush critical hits.
  • The Warden Gambit Celebration of Skill will now heal a bit more. There was a bug causing it to heal for the same amount as the lower level Gambit Safeguard.
  • Warden Traits and Trait Set bonuses updated to clarify that bonuses to Damage over Time effects only apply to Fist Gambit effects.
  • Corrected some visual issues with Warden animations when they get hit, block, parry or evade an attack.
  • Additional animation work has been done so that Wardens will move around a bit more smoothly while in combat.


  • Trait Bonuses that you have earned are now highlighted in the trait panel.
  • Deed: Texts of the Crumbling School can now be completed.
  • Deed: Arms of the Watcher now has a progress tracking bar when viewed in the Deed Log.

Monster Play - General

  • Item Root Reduction effects now work in PvMP.
  • Doors to the Ettendeep now correctly reflect their name and the number of outposts needed to control. While the access was unchanged, the doors were incorrectly tooltipping players that they needed 3 of 5 outposts when in truth they needed 2 of 5.
  • We have adjusted the respawn rates at Dâr-gazag and Ost Ringdyr. There should now be a roughly 10 minute delay between creature respawn. This has also been extended to towers and the elf and orc camps.
  • Orcs and Elves really hated that Horn of Tol Ascarnen; it was different than they and they feared the object. After we brought them closer to the objects they began to realize that the horns were there to help them and they now accept them as the allied objects they are meant to be. Orcs and Elves will no longer attack the horns.
  • Naughty players and monster players who think that they can get away with holding onto the artifacts in the Ettenmoors by camping in the artifact rooms are in for a surprise. You must now have recently killed the Tyrant or Captain-general to obtain the right to capture the artifacts.
  • Trolls like to throw rocks. So do wood trolls. When we explained to the wood trolls found at the outposts in the Ettenmoors that throwing rocks was the reason they kept having out of body experiences where they would feel as though they disappeared from one location and then reappeared at another…they decided that throwing rocks was a bad thing in those outposts. (Ranged skills that force the wood troll to retreat have been removed.)
  • Moss-Patch Elder's Hardened Bark buff will only stack 6 times and will now expire once out of combat.
  • Readjusted the amount of renown/infamy that can be received in groups ranging from 2-6 players so that players equally share the full amount of renown/infamy from the kill.
  • Devastating criticals from Monster Player skills will now do the correct amount of damage to the target.

Monster Player Classes


  • Corrected avoidance rates for the Reaver, Stalker, and Warleader, due to base avoidance ratings for these classes being set too high.

Spider Weaver

  • The Weaver skill, Trapdoor Sanctuary, can no longer be activated while moving.

Orc Defiler

  • The Defiler's Fell Sacrifice trait now lists the correct bonuses granted by the trait.
  • Plague of Flies and Gooey Gourd will now properly debuff the Defiler's opponent.


  • Auction House: The Guardian Belts (legendary items) now only appear in the auction house under the Advanceable category. They were also appearing under the Shield Spikes category.
  • Shield - Medium auction filter has been changed to Shield - Warden.

User Interface

  • The tooltip on the drums in the Grand Stair instance no longer refers to a silly name that we used to call the troll during beta.
  • Max range on skills no longer splits into two lines in the tooltip.
  • The Cooldown Remaining entry in skill tooltips no longer counts down 10ths of a second.
  • Orcs in Fil Gashan will now lose their "Alert," "Watchful," and "Unaware" tags beneath their floaty names once they have spotted someone.
  • You now get an appropriate error if you try to use a heritage rune or title item if you do not have a valid item to use it on.
  • The Rune-keeper attunement and Warden gambit UIs are now fully scalable.
  • The conjunction contribution selection UI will no longer deselect the monster if you click on one of the buttons after choosing a contribution.
  • Summoning skills such as the Captain's "Call to Arms" will now gray out appropriately when they cannot be used.
  • Effects from monster and in-world object auras will no longer erroneously show up with the "curable" borders around their icons as they cannot be cured except by leaving the influence of the aura.


  • Crafting Guilds: Fixed an issue where the crafting guild introductory quests were requiring players to have purchased the Mines of Moria expansion. Each quest can now be completed by any player who joins the related crafting guild.
  • Crafting (Tailoring): Adjusted the stats on the Searcher's Hat to be more consistent with the stats found on the Superior Searcher's Hat.
  • Fixed an issue with some Hunter trap recipes not using the appropriate required ingredients. Lure trap recipe will now require some metal in addition to the previously required ingredients.


  • We have added reputation rewards to the 9 Legendary Item Advancement instances.
  • We have updated the Bronze, Silver and Gold Chests of Merit, received by participating in the battles in Angmar, to be more rewarding. To do this, we have greatly reduced the chance of getting a reputation reward item from the chest, increasing the likelihood of getting a Virtue potion or piece of jewelry. In addition, if you do get a reputation reward, you do have a chance of getting a Moria reputation item.
  • The Vile Maw housing trophy has now been added.
  • Items will no longer display the "Cannot use with Effect:" blurb in their tooltip if there is no effect listed.
  • Corrected a bug with Heavy Armour values on Uncommon and Rare Shoulders (they were inverted).
  • There are two containers in the final boss room of the Forgotten Treasury that reward players with legendary items. One of these containers is a duplicate and has been replaced with a container that rewards players with equipment.
  • Festival Masks are now dyeable
  • Pre-order Moria cloaks are now dyeable.
  • Instead of raising the level cap to 61 we decided to lower the minimum requirements of some weapons back to 60. This only affected a small subset of level 60 weapons.
  • Iron Garrison's Guard's Medium Shield now sells for a price comparable to the other shields offered.
  • Dimrill Dale's Messenger dagger now has the appropriate cooldowns for equipping (5 minutes) and using (30 minutes) the +Fate effect.
  • Moria: White Cloth Strip has an icon.
  • Blackfang's Demise has been added back to the game.
  • Ithilden Coins: Selecting more than one of the a unique reward will no longer cause your coin to disappear without rewarding the item.
  • Using the Horn of the Dwarrowdelf will no longer cause your Edelharn tokens to temporarily cooldown for 60 minutes.

Legendary Items

  • The Relic Backgrounds have been switched to match the colors of the relic slots in the UI Settings: Purple Gems – Teal, Runes – Orange.
  • The Magic and Melee Defence Titles for Legendary Items were increasing damage taken instead of mitigating it.
  • Relic quantities were not updating properly if you had the Legendary Items panel open when deconstructing an item or combining relics. This is now fixed.
  • All LI titles will now appropriately let you replace them with titles of a different type regardless of tier. Titles of the same type can still only be used if the existing title is of a lower tier than the new one.
  • All LI titles will now appropriately let you replace them with titles of a different category regardless of tier. Titles of the same category can still only be used if the existing title is of a lower tier than the new one. Also, the tooltip for title items now displays which category the title is associated with.
  • When you reforge an item, the legacies you can choose between to add to the item will now display their effects correctly.
  • LI UI now correctly states what “Relics” have been slotted instead of “Runics.”
  • Legendary Item Light & Fire damage titles no longer state that Hunters and Wardens can use them.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some devastating hit damage multiplier modifiers on items and Relics from working correctly.
  • Whenever you reforge a Legendary Item we now give you a choice between 2 legacies to add at level 10, 30 and 50. At 20 and 40 you get a choice of which legacy to upgrade.
  • You can no longer inspect the LI items of an anonymous player.


  • Female elves who are dual-wielding will no longer go into the T-pose if they run while in combat.
  • The female Hobbbit Warden had bad animations during combat with non-spear or javelin weapons. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed combat animations for Hobbit Female Wardens using melee weapons other than spears.
  • Shields now appear correctly on avatars in the character journal, inspection, and dressing room; they’re now worn on the arm rather than being held in the player's hand.
  • A dwarf near the fountains in Glân Vraig was forcing his hand through his shield as he spoke to a fellow defender. The dwarf has been told that this is unnerving and will do his best to sit still while in this conversation.
  • The icon representing the drum in the fight against The Beast within the Grand Stair instance now accurately reflects that it is a drum.
  • Rune-rocks in the Foundations of Stone should now look like rune-rocks.
  • Visual Fx Enabled for Legendary Weapons
    • 1. All Legendary Weapons have a default white vfx
    • 2. Weapons that have slayer titles applied gain the Sting vfx for the monsters associated with their slayer type
    • 3. Each damage type has its own visual vfx.
    • 4. The vfx become stronger as the item levels.
  • The Race of Man female Moria burglar helmet was calling on the wrong texture.
  • Using certain graphics settings, glowing objects would flicker when moving the camera. This has been fixed.
  • Landscape was appearing too bright in the distance (and sometimes not appearing at all) in some areas. This has been fixed.
  • Lone Lands: Fixed the appearances of several guards in Agamaur.
  • Moria: All versions of Oxi look alike.
  • Rumil doesn't have that “I'm wearing a hairpiece!” look anymore.
  • Sweina now looks like himself everywhere he appears!
  • Fixed a rare case of characters getting stuck in T-Pose (arms extended in a T).
  • Dwarfs have gotten over their experimentation with fisticuffs and once again use a head butt animation for their racial attack.
  • Elf Male Avatars now use correct unarmed idle animation


  • There is no longer a mysteriously misplaced Moria-mirror jutting out of the cliffside near the Deep Descent.
  • Deleted extraneous floating levers in the Aflame Deeps.
  • The broken pieces of the Bridge of Khazad-dûm were backwards, with the longer piece on the west side of the chasm and the shorter one on the east. They have now been reversed. This could cause people who logged out while standing on the broken bridge to log on in midair and plummet to their dooms. This should teach them not to log out on precarious bridges!
  • Moria: Stonecrest is more impressively sized.
  • Several doors inside Moria have now been named to reflect their destinations.
  • Grounded some of the floating armour. No lembas for a week!
  • Fixed the floating axes from the cheering orcs in the Book 3 Chapter 9 session.


  • Fixed an issue with monsters failing to execute skills on a stealthed player.
  • Further reduced the damage that the particularly vicious Dolven-view strain of bed-bugs is able to deal.
  • Monstrous stingers in the Ettenmoors are now level 58-59. We had to translate the TPS reports to the language of sickle-flies.
  • Goblin treasure collectors who visit Igash in the Grand Stair instance now have the correct naming convention of Gazathurg Slave.
  • Added more orcs to Dalgum-ru.
  • The Blind-strider, Rock-warden, and Zarza are now Signature mobs.
  • The announcement at the end of Riddles in the Tomb is now less patronizing.
  • Darri's inexplicable sorrow has been assuaged.
  • General Talug in Fil Gashan now has something a little extra special for you if you defeat him.
  • The wargs involved in “The Battle of the Deep-way” have been put on a diet; now they can fit between the barriers and won't go into anti-exploit.
  • The Boss goblin Dhaub no longer gets his fire gourd stuck to his hands.
  • The Lost One in The 16th Hall now has standard boss immunity.
  • Vile Maw: One of the tentacles that was not despawning properly on Watcher death is now despawning.
  • Fixed Watcher Head skills in stage 3 that were not targeting players properly.
  • All boars have been removed from the Vile Maw.
  • The 16th Hall: The beetles in the final boss room will now aggro when the Lost One enters combat.
  • Vile Maw - Watcher Induction decal now draws above the water.
  • Pets can now path into the vile maw boss chamber.
  • The Hotspot that Howling Overseers summon will now be VISIBLE, with a reduced duration and size.
  • The Grodbog Beetles "Broken Shell" effect has had its proc chance reduced and will now go away at the end of combat.
  • The Moria Scout/Spear-thrower Goblins will no longer run away as far after performing their "Hit and Run" attack. This is to try and avoid situations where the goblins kite players into other groups of mobs.
  • The Fire Grim's "Impending Flame" countdown effect will only take effect if you are in combat.
  • Fire and Ice Dragonets mitigations have been tweaked so that specific classes won't have as much trouble against them (and they won't be as easy for other classes).
  • I was erroneously hiding the Corruption buffs on the Snarling Overseers. When fighting these guys, the idea is that they're building up to a special attack which you can prevent by removing the Corruption buff.

Town services

  • Provisioner in the 21st Hall will now sell Wax, Coal and other supplies.
  • Crafting Vendors, Banker, and Auctioneers in Moria have moved into bunkers below the 21st Hall. These interiors are accessible in what used to be the crafting courtyard.


  • The Walls of Moria map will zoom out to the correct place.
  • Fixed stretched and missing minimaps in Moria and Book 15 Dungeons.
  • Fixed a issue where players were getting cheated out of their money when taking a horse route out of Echad Eregion.
  • You will now no longer be kicked out of the two public dungeons in the Hollin Gate area if you are revived inside of them.
  • Spring Festival Barter and Vendor NPC's will display mapnotes while the festival is active.
  • Moria: The travel routes that previously referenced the Stone-Climber's Camp now correctly reference Anazârmekhem.


  • The Gates of Carn Dûm will now open if you have added the "Carn Dûm Gate Key" to your key ring.


Player quests

  • The Devoted within the Grand Stair instance was calling for his bodyguard, but they were busy shoving a dwarf into a meat grinder and didn’t hear their master over the curse of grudges. Now that the dwarf in question is no more, they will respond to their master’s call.
  • A small group of mobs in the Library at Tham Mírdain were not despawning when they reached the entrance door. This meant a wipe and return to the instance space could mean an infinite cycle of wipes that makes the experience sad panda-fying. We have fixed this issue.
  • The Ornate Chest-piece that begins the Heralds of Corruption arc should now look like it may have once belonged to a normal-sized person, as opposed to a gigantic, sartorially magnificent Volkswagen.
  • The stone-carver's journal from Thoughts Left Behind should now disappear from your inventory when you turn that quest in.
  • The directions in the quests The Killing Blow, Infernal Chittering, and Dark Power Rising have been corrected.
  • The directions in A Glimmer of Hope will hopefully no longer result in long, fruitless tours of the lake in the Foundations of Stone.
  • You should now receive *both* sets of instructions you need in your quest tracker when you're on Guldur in the Library.
  • Text in the quest Kill It With Fire has been modified to indicate that the fungal structures you need to burn are not only within the camp of Dalgum-ru, but also nearby and around it.
  • In a continuing effort to make Falgeirr Twisttongue's legacy actually attainable, "Riddles in the Walls" will no longer direct you to the incorrect dwarf.
  • An extraneous Moria-mirror in the Durin's Way bat lair has been removed.
  • You no longer need to kill Dhognburz eight (!!) times to complete your objective for Locating the Advance Guard.
  • The last objective in your quest tracker for Kill It With Fire claimed that Tyki was at Dalgum-ru rather than his actual location at the Shadowed Refuge.
  • The quests In Too Deep and War-masters of Moria have been moved from every guard in Moria and to the various travel vendors found throughout Moria. This should cut down on the clutter of rings in every hub upon reaching level 58.
  • The quest Biting the White Hand now accurately states that players should head southeast from the social hub at Echad Mirobel to find the entrance to the School at Tham Mírdain.
  • The quest Commander Tarh now accurately states that players should head southeast from the social hub at Echad Mirobel to find the School at Tham Mírdain.
  • The quest Final Foray Against the Watcher now accurately reflects that you should form a raid. I mean really…did you think that soloing the Watcher was going to be good idea?
  • In the event the Devoted is killed before engaging Igash within the Grand Stair instance, he will no longer spawn during the final fight.
  • Playing the drums at any time during the fight against the Beast and his handler within the Grand Stair instance will keep the troll sleeping. If the troll awakes...the drums will not put him back to sleep.
  • A typo in The Fungus Among Us was corrected.
  • Riddles in the Stone should now only require you to stay alive during the first objective, rather than until you turn the quest in.
  • General Talug in the Moria instance "Fil Gashan" now drops a barter item.
  • Kranklûk's Brand is now working properly.
  • Fixed Illusion of Leadership so the quest item drops properly.
  • The Black Powder Barrels in Book 3 Chapter 6 now have an induction.
  • Several instances now properly display their descriptions in Reflecting Pools.
  • Tightened up the guidance on “The Winding Way” and Book 3 Chapter 9.
  • Now the Iron Garrison Guides throughout Moria will have text when you talk to them, even if you're not on Book 2.
  • Added the Volume number to quest categories in the quest journal to help distinguish between Epic Books from Volume I and Epic Books from Volume II.
  • SPOILER: Now Nain only becomes known as Nain I once he becomes king (MadeofLions, you forgot the spoiler tag!! Thanks. *sigh* -Patience).
  • Fixed the name and description for the “New Devilry” instance in the Reflecting Pool.
  • Certain instances for Epic Volume II now properly display their descriptions in the Reflecting Pool.
  • An important letter in the Volume I Epilogue will no longer advance the quest so quickly that you can't read it.
  • Epic Volume II, Book 4.5, “Into the Fire” has been versioned to fix the spawn rates on the Iron Bars and Wooden Slats. If you had this quest underway, you’ll need to speak to the bestower NPC to start it again.
  • Flight of Drakes - Rimlug was reverting to “drama” mode when leaving combat after a party wipe, making it impossible to attack her on re-entering the instance. She should now remain attackable after flying down into the courtyard, regardless of whether or not she leaves combat.
  • Goblin Fire camp in the Misty Mountains will again properly set off its big drama sequence when the cauldron is used.
  • Burying the Dead: Burying one of the corpses will propagate to your party.
  • Fungus Takes Flight has been updated to refer to the correct monster you are killing.
  • Adso's Delivery: This will now only be able to be turned in to the Bill Ferny who is at Sweetgrass Farm.
  • Evendim: The bodies at the bear camp are a bit more strewn in their placement.
  • Moria: Know Thine Enemy that relates to Morroval has been renamed to Visage of Terror.
  • Sarnemil's Flight: This quest no longer fails on logout. This required the quest to be versioned, so if you had it underway, speak to the bestower NPC to start it again.
  • Old Forestry: Farmer Maggot gives you a permanent copy of the Old Forest Notes as a quest reward.
  • Recovering the Lost Leaf: Page will flash when useable.
  • Moria: Thorgyny has moved in with the other dwarves.
  • Digging West: Improved the directions
  • Moria: The stablemaster at Zirakzigil now has guards.
  • Evendim: Plan Carried Out note is easier to select.
  • Northdowns: Scouting the Ram Duath: You will now get credit if you approach the east camp from the east side.
  • Moria: Out of Darkness - throwing the oil can no longer be interrupted.
  • Moria: Two Problems, One Tool now only needs 10 orcs.
  • Moria: If you've started Gumming up the Works you can no longer get Foreman of the Great Wheel.
  • Moria: Fixed a typo in the Infighting quest.
  • Tavern League: The Jig dance can be purchased with fall festival tokens.
  • You will now wield your axe when out of combat during the final sessionplay in Volume II Book 3.
  • The "Grasp of Darkness" effect in Dark Delvings will no longer continue to stack on players in your fellowship when they move in and out of the light.
  • 16th Hall
    • The Lost One's Fungal Mark is no longer interruptible.
    • The Lost One's PB Mez now does damage as well as mez.
    • The Lost One's Adds will no longer attack the most threatening target and will only attack the person marked with "Mark of Doom"
    • Globsnaga Servants will drop their fungal infection hotspot 100% of the time.
    • Fungal infection no longer stacks on players.
    • More feedback has been given when players fail Challenge Mode.
  • Fixed issues with "The Fall of Moria" and "Before the Doors of Durin" where sometimes dwarves would stop responding to events around them.
  • Added Rathwald as a bestower for "The Fall of Moria" sessionplay; now if you have lost access to the Walls of Moria public instance, you'll still be able to acquire the quest and try again even if you've failed it once.
  • Fixed Vile Maw Raid Locks.
  • The NPCs in the Fall of Moria session play should no longer get stuck in drama.
  • Volume 2, Book 1, Chapter 11: Worth Beyond Measure will no longer appear to complete for characters with item advancement weapons under level 10, who are in a fellowship with someone else who completes the quest.
  • The dwarves in "Before the Doors of Durin" would sometimes not enter their drama. This has been fixed.
  • Players who fail the instance quest "The Fall of Moria" will be able to re-acquire the quest from Rathwald.
  • The following quests were flagged incorrectly as Mines of Moria content:
    • The Path to Learning, Part II
    • Chapter 7: Beyond Rammas Deluon
    • Chapter 6: A Watchful Eye
    • Epilogue - Laerdan's Parcel
    • Epilogue - Laerdan's Parcel
    • A Matter of Knowledge

Monster Play Quests

  • The quest Relics and Coins pointing players into the Forgotten Treasury instance now features a 100% drop rate for the coins from orcs within the space and a decreased number of coins necessary to complete the quest.
  • Norbog found in the Ettenmoors stormed Turbine offices over the past weekend demanding that they be given the same rights as other creatures found within the region. Workers at Turbine relented quickly, as the eating habits of the Norbog are well documented and incredibly disgusting and a long-term sit-in would have resulted in a cleaning bill that could easily have closed their doors forever.
  • Rottenroot, the Huorn found in The Delving of Frór, would sometimes continue summoning roots even after his death. This issue has been fixed.
  • We discovered that the flags at the Elf Camp and Orc Camp were not set to correctly be captured at the towers of Tirith Rhaw and Lugazag. Orion has been punished and has been forced to fix the issue. You can now capture the flags at the towers and call your respective defenders to the Flag rooms.
  • Doors leading to the Delving of Frór now correctly state that you need to control two outposts to gain access to the depths. While you could gain access with only two the wording on the doors was found to be erroneous.
  • We informed the Moss Patch Elders located at the outposts in the Ettenmoors to root players and crush them. The mossy parts of the Elder covered his ears and rather than admit a debilitating hearing impairment that it feared may affect its employment the Elder simply nodded. We have since discussed this skill of “Rooting and Crushing” an opponent and the Moss Patch Elder has given us written confirmation that it understands the purpose of the skill. The Root Grab skill will now deal severe damage to its target.
  • Caragdal was doing some odd things while patrolling to the Grimwood Lumber Camp. We told her to settle down, relax a little and stop collocating as seeing the two versions of her in different places was freaking people out. She has listened and will now adhere to proper protocol. Her quest was changed from a painful escort to something more manageable.
  • Glothrok was failing to reward the wargs after successfully driving players from the Highpeak Kennel arena. He has been told that he has to reward the wargs when they do well; resetting the fight with Glothrok will now reset the warg adds to join the fight as they should.
  • Gothgaash’s control over the fumaroles he summoned was somewhat diminished and they would remain when the fight was reset. This problem has been rectified. In the event players reset the fight, the fumarole will disappear.
  • We removed the inconsequential heat damage leading to and surrounding the Gothgaash fight. This should make the fire hotspot that he drops on players appear more readily.
  • The quest to collect the Gurvand's tongue will now properly drop the item the quest needs.
  • Rottenroot - in the Ettendeep - was supposed to force you to kill his roots when you were fighting him. He has his own ideas of how the fight should work. The fight has changed slightly to fit with the Huorn’s desires. He's ornery, very, very ornery. Regardless, the roots should no longer continue to spawn if he is slain before they are all killed.
  • The number of lieutenants to kill in Fil Gashan for the quest Defeat the Lieutenants has been lowered significantly as boss lieutenants do not contribute to this quest.
  • Flags captured at Tol Ascarnen can now be retaken and returned to Hoarhallow and Grothum. In the event that Tol Ascarnen changes hands, a captured flag will stay at Tol Ascarnen until returned to the home village. This means that the bonuses from the flag being kept at Tol Ascarnen will stay in place until the flag is restored to its proper home.